Tetrogen Helps You Transition to a Healthier, Happier, and Thinner You Without Cravings or Side Effects*

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Any diet or weight loss supplement that claims it can help you shed 20+ pounds of fat with no changes to your diet or lifestyle is lying to you. There is no legitimate scientific study that supports such a claim. Period. If you want to truly lose weight and keep it off, you have to make some adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. Tetrogen is designed to help you transition to a healthier, happier you by helping repair the underlying issues that can prevent you from losing weight and feeling great.

How Tetrogen Works

Tetrogen is a weight-loss formula scientifically designed to enable long-term, sustainable weight loss. Watch this video to know more...

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“I was desperate to lose weight before my wedding but nothing was working. Then, my friend suggested I try Tetrogen. At first, nothing really seemed to happen. But, after about 2 weeks, I noticed I no longer had any cravings between meals and I needed less and less food to feel full. In about 10 weeks, I lost 28 pounds while working out 2 3 times a week. The great news: I can now fit into my dream wedding dress and I look and feel better than I have in years*!”

Image Kim R. - Tetrogen USA
Kim R.
Chicago, USA


“I love chocolate but it was killing my waist and every diet I have ever tried. Then, I came across Tetrogen on Facebook and decided to give it a try. It took some time, but eventually, I started eating less during meals and didn’t have those late-night cravings—but the weight kept coming off. Now, I’m back to the same weight I was in college and I love being able to enjoy my favorite foods again (especially chocolate!) without guilt again thanks to Tetrogen.”

Image, Joanna B. Toronto, Canada - Tetrogen USA
Joanna B.
Toronto, Canada


“I’m a Keto fanatic and love the diet but the supplements I had been taking just weren’t getting it done. I just could not get rid of the last few pounds no matter what I tried. A buddy of mine at the gym told me about Tetrogen and how it works around the clock, so I decided to give it a try. Tetrogen is the only supplement that finally kicked my Keto up a notch and I finally shed those last stubborn 10 pounds.”

Image, Nate S. Little Rock - Tetrogen USA
Nate S.
Little Rock, USA


“Tetrogen Team is very focused on the educational part of weight loss and weight management. I love the fact that besides, receiving the course of supplements, Tetrogen Team also sends you two very well written and easy to understand E books on the Leptin and Cortisol Hormones. I also received a step by step 12 week guide to healthier lifestyle. This Guide is full of very good step by step advice and gently pushed me into my weight loss journey and worked great with the product. I have turned the corner and feel great now.”

Image, Joanna B. Toronto, Canada - Tetrogen USA


“My doctor has been telling me for years that I needed to lose 20 25 pounds but I just couldn’t make any diet work and exercising every day...just not gonna happen at my age. A buddy of mine from way back in high school told me about Tetrogen and how it helped him. I got some and tried it for a month. I didn’t lose all the weight that first month but what I did notice was having a LOT more energy. It took about 3 months to finally lose the 25 pounds, but I’ll be honest: It’s great having energy all day long again to boot! Tetrogen didn’t just help me lose the weight, it helped me feel 10 years younger and full of energy again!”

Image, Matt K. Ann Arbor, MI - Tetrogen USA
Matt K.
Ann Arbor, MI


“Late-night cravings always killed every diet I’ve ever tried. I just couldn’t help myself even after being good all day and sticking to my diet. But with Tetrogen, my late-night cravings disappeared in a couple of weeks, and now I’m finally confident I can do this! I just started my second month and I’m losing weight even faster and feel great!”

Image, Kim P. Los Angeles, - Tetrogen USA
Kim P.
Los Angeles, USA


“After having my daughter, I struggled with a lot of issues, including my weight. Then, a friend from college was visiting and she had just had a baby around the same time as I had but looked better than ever. I asked her how she did it and she told me about Tetrogen, so I decided to give it a try. After just a few weeks, my energy levels finally came charging back and now I’m even fitter and feeling better than ever thanks to these two little pills!”

Image Kate M. Savannah, GA - Tetrogen USA
Kate M.
Savannah, GA USA


“What I really like about Tetrogen is the approach not only to weight loss, but also to weight management after you lose weight. Their team, especially Dietician Ewa is very honest and informative in hew videos on YouTube and I learned so much about proper nutrition and what to eat and what to avoid. I feel leaner and so much healthier. It’s great.”

Image, Joanna B. Toronto, Canada - Tetrogen USA
Take Our 90-Day Challenge Risk-Free
Image, Money Back Guarantee - Tetrogen USA

Just take our 90-Day Challenge and see for yourself how you can live by the 80/20 rule with the help of Tetrogen and put yourself on the path toward a happier, healthier, and thinner you. While the above clinical study took just 10 weeks, within 8 weeks your metabolic hormones may begin to rebalance to help support your Long-Term, Sustained Weight Loss. As your metabolic hormones return to normal, caloric intake naturally decreases without starving yourself, and your caloric burn rate increases with improved metabolic function and higher energy levels. If you aren’t completely thrilled with your results after supplementing with Tetrogen for three to six months, you are fully covered by our Industry-Shattering Money-Back Guarantee.* Read More...

Tetrogen is Formulated to Help Reverse Leptin Resistance so You Can Achieve Long Term Weight Loss Using the 80/20 Rule*

Tetrogen is scientifically formulated with four clinically studied and patented active ingredients to help you reach your target weight in three distinct phases.*

PHASE 1: Rebalance Leptin (a Key Metabolic Hormone)*

As we age, if we’re under stress, or if we consume a conventional diet, our metabolic hormones like leptin can become unbalanced, which can be the root cause of excess weight gain. Unbalanced leptin levels can lead to increased cravings, eating more food to feel satiated, lower energy levels, and a slower metabolism. Tetrogen is formulated to recalibrate and rebalance leptin, which can lead to:

  • Naturally decreasing portion sizes because you need less food to feel full
  • Greater energy levels, giving you the energy you need for your active lifestyle
PHASE 2: Long-Term Weight Management*

In this phase, your leptin levels have rebalanced and long-term sustained weight management kicks in due to four primary mechanisms:

  • Safely reduce appetite without cravings
  • Healthy metabolic function
  • Naturally higher energy levels, so you have the energy you need to stay active
  • Preventing fat storage by efficiently burning calories for energy
PHASE 3: The 80/20 Rule*

This phase is all about weight management. Simply:

  • Eat the foods you love 20% of the time (keeping portions sensible).
  • Eat healthier foods 80% of the time.

Tetrogen is specially formulated to help rebalance the metabolic hormones, namely leptin, and help naturally reduce cravings, portion sizes, and boost energy levels by increasing metabolism.

Once rebalanced, you can easily transition to the 80/20 Rule and burn fat and manage weight consistently without starving yourself, living at the gym, or eating foods you hate.

Here Is What Can Be Accomplished When You Reach the 80/20 Rule*

Clinical Results from 10-week double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the key ingredients found in Tetrogen were found to help:

  • Decrease weight by an average of 24.8 pounds*
  • Reduce body fat by an average of 20%*
  • Decrease waist circumference by an average of 8.6 Inches*

Source: Functional Foods in Health and Disease 2013; 3 ( 11) : 416-427

*While these results are impressive, it’s important to remember that weight loss may vary significantly from person to person due to body type, gender, program adherence, how overweight an individual is, stress, genetics, and more. Your results may be better or take longer, depending on your body, starting weight, and lifestyle.

Our Patented, Clinically Proven Ingredients Are the Key to Sustained Weight Loss
Image, IGOB-131 Formation, Tetrogen USA

IGOB-131 is a patented extract from the African Mango. In a 10-week Clinical Study 8 published in the Journal Lipids in Health and Disease, IGOB-131 demonstrated a number of benefits to achieve and maintain target weight:

  • Helps prevent fatty acid formation
  • Helps block breakdown of foods into blood sugar
  • Helps suppress enzyme that prevent formation of fat from blood sugar

Learn More

Image, CQR-300 – CISSUS, Fat Burner
CQR-300 – Cissus

CQR-300 is a unique, patented extract of Cissus quadrangularis, an indigenous medicinal plant of West Africa and India. In 2005, researchers at Oxford University conducted a study 7 of CQR-300 and found a wide range of health benefits, including:

  • Helps inhibits enzyme amylase activity to slow starch metabolism
  • Helps improve the body’s ability to burn stored fat and build lean muscle mass
  • Supports healthy serotonin levels

Learn More

DYG – 400 – DYGLOMERA , Tetrogen USA
DYG – 400 – Dyglomera

Dyg-400, or Dichrostachys glomerate, originates from a rare spice from the jungles of Cameroon. This powerful ingredient helps the body use sugar more efficiently for energy, so it doesn’t get stored as fat. In a clinical study, 1 DYG-400 was found to help improve metabolic function and reduce fat deposits along with other health benefits, including:

  • Helps improve leptin (hunger hormone) function to reduce cravings
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant
  • Helps support blood-sugar hormone sensitivity, which triggers fat metabolism

Learn More

Lipofuel - Capsaicin, Clinical Study 3 Findings Demonstrated, Tetrogen USA
Lipofuel – Capsaicin

Lipofuel is a patented, clinically studied form of chili powder extract and 100% exclusive to Tetrogen. Clinical study 3 findings demonstrated other health benefits as well:

  • Helps shrink fat cells
  • Helps reduce fat levels in bloodstream
  • Helps convert excess calories into heat.

Learn More

Image, Green Tea Weight Loss Ingredients, Tetrogen USA
Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is one of the most scientifically studied 9 weight-loss ingredients you’ll find anywhere. It actually contains two different ingredients—caffeine and EGCG—which may help your body lose weight in different ways.

EGCG is a natural molecule in green tea extract responsible for it’s many health benefits. It’s also a well-documented weight-loss ingredient that helps your body release fat from cells and converts excess calories into heat instead of using sugars from your blood-stream.

  • Helps free fat from cells so it can be burned for energy
  • Helps burn more calories while at rest
  • Helps support cardiovascular health along with a host of other benefits

Learn More

Image, Melatonin Powerful Antioxidant,Tetrogen USA

The right amount of melatonin helps you better control cravings and get a good night’s sleep, which is vital to weight loss success. Sleep deprivation throws your leptin levels out of balance and makes you hungry while slowing your metabolism and the number of calories you burn. Melatonin helps ensure a good night’s rest and ensures your leptin levels remain in balance and your weight loss continues. 10

  • Helps keep leptin levels balanced to control cravings and support long term weight loss
  • Right amount helps you get a good night’s sleep and keep cravings in check
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant

Learn More

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45-Day Supply of Tetrogen Day & Night

45-Day Supply of Tetrogen Day & Night
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$ 129.00
SAVE $ 30.00
For 24-Hour Weight-Loss Support
Tetrogen Day and Night combine to rebalance metabolic hormones in 4-8 weeks, depending on your previous diet, stress levels, and medical condition. Once rebalanced, you will notice higher energy levels, decreased cravings, and you'll need to eat less to feel satiated so you reach Long-Term, Sustained Weight Loss.*
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  • Get 45-Day Supply for Price of 30-Day Supply
  • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING & MADE IN USA: Tetrogen is made in a state-of-the-art cGMP facility and shipped free to anyone in the U.S.
  • No Jitters or Side Effects

2 Months Supply of Tetrogen Day & Night

2 Month Supply
$ 129.00
$ 219.00
SAVE $ 90.00
For 24-Hour Weight-Loss Support
Tetrogen Day and Night combine to rebalance metabolic hormones in 4-8 weeks, depending on your previous diet, stress levels, and medical condition. Once rebalanced, you will notice higher energy levels, decreased cravings, and you'll need to eat less to feel satiated so you reach Long-Term, Sustained Weight Loss.*
Free shipping
  • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING & MADE IN USA: Tetrogen is made in a state-of-the-art cGMP facility and shipped free to anyone in the U.S.
  • Ideal for Losing 10+ Pounds
  • No Jitters or Known Side Effects

3 Months Supply of Tetrogen Day & Night

3 Month Bundle
$ 179.00
$ 309.00
SAVE $ 130.00
For 24-Hour Weight-Loss Support
Our 3-Month Supply is ideal for anyone looking to lose 20 pounds or more, is struggling with stress, or has a more difficult time losing weight. This is our best deal. Depending on previous diet and lifestyle, your cravings should disappear, portion sizes will reduce, and energy levels will increase in 4-8 weeks once metabolic hormones begin to rebalanced*.
Free shipping
  • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING & MADE IN USA: Tetrogen is made in a state-of-the-art cGMP facility and shipped free to anyone in the U.S.
  • No Jitters or Known Side Effects
  • Industry-Shattering 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Get 6 months supply at the price of 5 months (1 month of Tetrogen Day & Night free!)

5-Month Supply + 1 Month Free of Tetrogen Day & Night
$ 299.00
$ 619.00
SAVE $ 320.00
For 24-Hour Weight-Loss Support
Get 1-Month Bundle of Tetrogen Day & Night Free when you buy 5-Month Supply. The 6-Month Supply is ideal for anyone looking to lose 35+ pounds, who is under lots of stress, or who has struggled for a long time to lose weight. It can take 4 to 8 weeks to rebalance your metabolic hormones, depending on past diet, stress levels, and other medical conditions.
Free shipping
  • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING & MADE IN USA: Tetrogen is made in a state-of-the-art cGMP facility and shipped free to anyone in the U.S.
  • Industry-Shattering 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Get 1 Month Supply Absolutely Free

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About Our Founder

Tetrogen was created by Mike Dorfman who graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a BS in Biochemistry. It was during this time that Mike first realized the challenges people face at the cellular and biological level when it comes to losing weight and living healthfully.

Mike’s first job out of college was as a personal trainer for Gold’s Gym where he helped clients achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals by using his knowledge of biochemistry to create custom plans for each client. Each plan carefully laid out what the client had to do with respect to nutrition and exercise to reach their personal goals.

But he wanted to do more to combat the obesity epidemic sweeping the world. Unfortunately, Mike discovered that far too many people have been lied to by slick marketing campaigns that promise unrealistic results using so-called “magic pills” and “fad diets.” Simply put: They don’t work and there is no path to sustained, realistic weight loss without changes to diet and lifestyle.

With the help of his cousin and a team of American and European scientists, Mike set out to create a solution that would put people on the path to long-term weight-loss success. After years of research and testing, that solution is now known as Tetrogen Day and Night, a revolutionary 24/7 weight-loss supplement. *

Tetrogen is formulated to help reverse leptin resistance and the primary reason why most diets end in failure. By helping address the underlying problem, Tetrogen helps you succeed where all else has failed—but it doesn’t end there. Tetrogen is a tool to help people successfully transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle, not a magic pill. By helping to reverse leptin resistance, Tetrogen helps you naturally reduce cravings and portion sizes while significantly boosting energy levels. *

To health first, weight-loss second. Mike and Tetrogen are here to help you make the transition to the healthier, happier, and thinner you!

Get 2 Free eBooks With Any Purchase to Rebalance Your Metabolic Hormones Faster and Help You Reach Long-Term Weight-Loss Success

eBooks, The Cortisol Code, Tetrogen USA

The Cortisol Code and Leptin Decoded were created by scientists at Tetrogen to help you rebalance your metabolic hormones leptin and cortisol in three simple steps. Used with Tetrogen Day and Night, you can rebalance your metabolic hormones faster and reach long-term weight-loss success.*

Just Order Tetrogen and We'll Send You Instant Access to Both eBooks Absolutely Free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Both the Day and Night formulas should be taken with food. That is, take Tetrogen Day after breakfast with a full glass of water. Take Tetrogen Night 12 hours later before bedtime with a full glass of water.

This is because Tetrogen contains the patented, clinically studied form of chili powder called Lipofuel. We included this powerful ingredient because it’s been found in research to help shrink fat cells, reduce fat levels in the bloodstream, and help convert excess calories into heat. However, if taken on an empty stomach, this ingredient may lead to mild stomach discomfort or nausea for some individuals. So, it is best to consume Tetrogen with food.

Tetrogen is formulated to help rebalance your metabolic hormones, leptin and cortisol in particular. These critical hormones help regulate our metabolisms, cravings, satiation after eating, and even our energy levels. Once your metabolic hormones are rebalanced, your portion sizes will gradually reduce (so your caloric intake naturally decreases). Your cravings and snacking in-between meals will stop (so you take in fewer calories). Your metabolism will become more efficient and burn food for energy instead of storing it for fat (and you’ll burn more calories). Even your energy levels will significantly increase (and you’ll burn more calories).

So instead of artificially speeding up your metabolism with harmful stimulants like most weight-loss supplements and helping you burn off water weight for two to three weeks before results plateau, Tetrogen helps fix the underlying problems that have doomed all diets. By doing so, you will naturally burn more calories, stop storing fat, and reduce caloric intake for long-term, sustained weight-loss success. It’s not a magic pill: Tetrogen helps you get back on the path to heathy living and consistently burning more calories than you take in until you finally reach your target weight once and for all.

Leptin is a metabolic hormone responsible for appetite and weight control. After years of unhealthy eating, your leptin levels are high and thus not regulating cravings properly. Plus, you need to eat more to feel satiated, which increases your caloric intake.

Tetrogen helps regulate leptin levels so your cravings disappear and your portion sizes gradually reduce without feeling hungry all the time.

For optimum results, we strongly recommend you get at least the three-month supply for three reasons. First, you don’t risk running out and stalling your results. Second, if you are looking to lose 10 or more pounds or have struggled for months or even years to lose weight, then you’ll need more than a one month supply to safely reach your target weight. Third, even after reaching your target weight, Tetrogen is completely safe and will help keep your metabolic hormones balanced, so you can eat the foods you love without putting back on the weight.
Tetrogen Day is formulated with four clinically studied, patented ingredients to help rebalance metabolic hormones. Tetrogen Day includes both Lipofuel and Green Tea Extract to help induce thermogenesis, which burns fat for heat. Once your metabolic hormones are rebalanced (which typically take about four to eight weeks, depending on previous diet, stress levels, medical conditions, etc.), your caloric intake will naturally decrease while caloric burn increases for long-term, consistent weight loss. This is the secret to Tetrogen and why your weight-loss journey will finally be successful even if all else has failed. After three months of use, we provide an industry-shattering money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason.
Although we do not provide one-on-one consultation, we do post accurate and helpful articles, blogs, tips, and suggestions for a healthy diet, lifestyle, and sustaining the 80/20 rule. These posts are available on our blog, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. We are here to help you succeed on your weight-loss journey every step of the way.
Tetrogen is a 100% natural product, and studies have shown no adverse reaction to any pharmaceutical products. But we do recommend you consult with your physician before starting any diet or weight-loss supplement out of an abundance of caution.
Tetrogen is not like most diet supplements that are formulated with harsh stimulants that unnaturally speed up metabolism and help you lose water weight for the first two to three weeks before results plateau. Instead, Tetrogen was specially formulated to help fix the underlying problem that caused the excess weight to begin with: your metabolic hormones. Specifically, your cortisol and leptin hormones.

Once rebalanced, your cravings naturally disappear, portion sizes decrease, and your energy levels increase. In other words, you will naturally take in fewer calories and burn more calories at rest for successful, long-term weight loss. But, the process of rebalancing your metabolic hormones typically takes longer than just two to three weeks. This process can take up to two months for some people, depending on their specific situation, the amount of weight they want to lose, how long they’ve struggled to lose weight, and other factors. So, while most weight-loss supplements out start strong but ultimately fail after a few short weeks, Tetrogen is a long-term solution that helps fix the underlying problem for sustained, realistic weight loss.

In addition, relying on the scale to determine how effective the product is is a mistake. To really see the impact of Tetrogen, you need a body fat caliper. This is the first area where Tetrogen’s impact will be seen: with the loss of body fat. So, instead of looking at the scale, get a body fat caliper and measure yourself once a week. Within four to six weeks after the metabolic hormones are rebalanced, body fat should start dropping, and eventually the excess weight will come off. But, you want to lose fat, not just weight. This is precisely what Tetrogen is formulated to do, so you finally achieve long-term success and transition to a healthier, happier, and thinner you.

Many diet supplements are formulated with powerful and potentially dangerous stimulants such as high doses of caffeine. The upside is that they do speed up metabolism and help you lose “water weight” for the first few weeks. But this comes at a cost: The water weight is coming from your muscles, which can start to atrophy due to dehydration. This can lead to your body burning fewer calories at rest because your muscle mass is shrinking. That’s why the “weight loss” always plateaus with stimulant-based diet supplements.

What you really want is to achieve maximum lipolysis. This is the process of breaking down fats and triglycerides that are stored in your body. Most of this process occurs in the mitochondria of your muscles. The greater your muscle mass, the more fat your body burns naturally. So, taking supplements that strip water from your muscles is completely defeating the purpose and will ultimately cause you to gain even more weight as your metabolism slows as you lose lean mass.

Tetrogen is formulated to rebalance your metabolic hormones and is not made with harmful stimulants. So, instead of helping you lose water weight, Tetrogen helps naturally reduce cravings and portion sizes while boosting energy levels. The process takes four to six weeks typically to complete (and it may take up to three months, depending on past diet, stress levels, and other medical factors) but sets you up for long-term, sustained weight loss.

Tetrogen Day and Night are not known to cause any side effects whatsoever. However, some people may have an adverse reaction to melatonin, which is found in Tetrogen Night to help ensure you get a good night’s rest. Sleep is critical to keeping your cortisol levels in balance and thus maintaining long-term weight loss.

It is always advisable to consult with your physician before starting any new diet or dietary supplement. If you have a known allergic reaction to melatonin, do not take Tetrogen Night. You can still take Tetrogen Day to help rebalance your metabolic hormones, but the process may take longer without using Tetrogen Night. Again, always consult with your physician when starting any new dietary supplement out of an abundance of caution and to ensure best results.

Tetrogen Day is formulated with Green Tea Extract and Lipofuel to induce thermogenesis, which converts fat into heat starting on Day 1. However, the long-term, consistent weight loss only occurs after your metabolic hormones are fully rebalanced. Typically, this process takes four to six weeks. However, the process can take longer depending on your past diet, how much weight you want to lose, and your current eating habits. For instance, eating more than three meals per day or snacking may interfere with Tetrogen’s ability to rebalance cortisol and leptin. Also, not getting enough sleep or even eating late in the evening can also impede Tetrogen’s ability to quickly rebalance your metabolic hormones.

When your metabolic hormones are rebalanced fully, you will notice the following changes:

  1. Your cravings begin to subside. You can help this process along by consuming high-protein meals which also help naturally reduce cravings. We have several high-protein and delicious recipes to help you eat healthier and improve results.
  2. Your portion sizes will gradually and naturally reduce. Basically, once your metabolic hormones are rebalanced, you’ll need to eat less to feel satiated. Again, eating a high-protein, low-carb diet also helps naturally reduce portion sizes and caloric intake by up to 430 calories per day without feeling hungry or starving yourself.
  3. Your energy levels will increase. This occurs because when your metabolic hormones are rebalanced, your metabolism will naturally increase. This will also naturally increase your caloric burn.

Once your metabolic hormones are rebalanced, you can then eat the foods you love 20% of the time while eating healthfully the other 80% of the time and still maintain long-term, consistent weight loss. No diet supplement can help you shed a significant amount of fat without long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle. However, Tetrogen can help you make this transition while still enjoying the foods you love in moderation.

This is the fastest path to rebalancing your metabolic hormones and finally addressing the underlying problem that has doomed every diet you have tried. By rebalancing your metabolic hormones, you can naturally reduce caloric intake, boost caloric burn, and finally achieve long-term consistent weight loss without harmful stimulants or side effects. Plus, Tetrogen Night is formulated with a calibrated dose of melatonin to help you get a good night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep is vital to long-term weight loss success as it helps keep your cortisol levels in balance. Also, Tetrogen Day is formulated with four active ingredients plus green tea extract to help induce thermogenesis to convert fat into heat and thus burn more calories.
It takes four to six weeks to rebalance your metabolic hormones. Factors such as previous diet, stress levels, the number of times you eat per day, and even medical conditions can delay rebalancing—but they will rebalance. Once they do, you will naturally start consuming fewer calories to burning more calories and achieve long-term, consistent weight loss. For participants in the clinical study with key ingredients in Tetrogen, it took 10 weeks to rebalance metabolic hormones and achieve 24 pounds of weight loss without strenuous exercise. These participants were able to reach the 80/20 rule AND achieve long-term weight loss, but all results vary by individual. All over three-month purchases are backed by a Money-Back Guarantee, so if you are unhappy with your results after using the product, your purchase is 100% risk-free.
Yes. Yes. Yes. If you commit to living by the 80/20 rule and make some modest adjustments to your diet, with the help of Tetrogen, so you eat healthfully 80% of the time and the foods you love 20% of the time (in moderate portions), you will achieve long-term success with Tetrogen. Remember: Any diet or weight-loss supplement that promises to help you lose significant weight (beyond losing water weight for the first few weeks) without changes to your diet and lifestyle are lying to you. We are truly the only weight-loss supplement on the market today that helps you rebalance your metabolic hormones, so you naturally and gradually burn more calories than you take in without cravings or side effects. This is the one, and only, true path to long-term weight-loss success, and Tetrogen is formulated to help you get there.
We firmly believe that any diet or strategy like Intermittent Fasting works so long as it is realistic and doesn’t ask you to sacrifice beyond reason. Yes, Tetrogen will help and improve results with the Keto Diet or Intermittent Fasting. However, we strongly recommend you do not try to do too much at once and set unrealistic goals or undergo unreasonable sacrifice. We firmly believe in the 80/20 rule because we understand that people eat the foods they love because it makes them feel good and they enjoy them. So, if you deny yourself those foods completely, it is often only a matter of time before you break down and cheat. But, with Tetrogen at your side and with your metabolic hormones rebalanced, you can reach the 80/20 rule and achieve long-term weight-loss success.
We know one of the biggest reasons most diets fail is because they are unrealistic. We love eating at a psychological level because it releases a hormone and makes us feel good. Starving yourself unnaturally doesn’t work and makes you resent any diet in a short amount of time. But, we want to lose weight, feel better, and live healthfully for ourselves and our families. Tetrogen is committed to long-term, sustainable weight loss. So, by helping rebalance your metabolic hormones, you can naturally burn more calories (with more energy and faster metabolism) while taking in fewer calories (no cravings, need to eat less to feel satiated). You can reach and maintain your weight loss goals by living by the 80/20 Rule. That is: You can eat the foods you love 20% of the time in reasonable portions (holidays, celebrations, or night's out) while eating healthy 80% of the time. We provide recipes, tips, and help on our Blog, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to help you eat healthier 80% of the time without cravings, starving yourself, or unrealistic sacrifice.
There are a lot of factors that can lead to an imbalance in your metabolic hormones. One of the biggest factors is your diet. Eating meals or snacks that are rich in carbs and especially refined sugars causes wide fluctuations in your metabolic hormone levels.

Another big factor is stress. If you are under high levels of sustained stress, then your metabolic hormones are affected. Stress eating is a symptom, and it then further throws off your metabolic hormones, creating a vicious cycle that can only be stopped with concerted effort.

Food quality, pollution levels, and even the amount of sleep you get each night can also lead to metabolic hormone imbalance. Also, consuming more than three meals per day and even the time at which you eat your final meal can also lead to metabolic hormone imbalance. Plus, menopause is also known to impact metabolic hormones as well and can definitely lead to sudden weight gain even in otherwise healthy, active women.

Don’t worry: Whatever the cause of your metabolic hormone imbalance, Tetrogen is here to help. For most people, Tetrogen Day & Night can help rebalance the metabolic hormones in four to six weeks. Now if your metabolic hormones are being impacted by two or more of the sources listed above, then this process could take longer. However, there are things you can do to speed up the rebalancing in conjunction with taking Tetrogen, such as:

  • Intermittent fasting (restricting your eating to an 8-hour window every day and making sure not to eat after 6 p.m.)
  • Taking melatonin to ensure you get a good night’s rest to help rebalance cortisol levels faster (Tetrogen Night is formulated with melatonin to ensure you do indeed get a good night’s rest and help control late-night cravings)
  • Eating a high-protein diet to naturally reduce cravings and avoid wide fluctuations in metabolic hormones
  • Making sure to not eat more than 3 times per day, including snacks
  • 30 minutes of cardio exercise at least twice per week
  • Avoid refined sugars, including those found in sodas/beer/wine

Rest assured, Tetrogen will rebalance your metabolic hormones if you consume 3 meals or less per day. All of the other recommendations will merely help speed the process up, improve results, and help you reach your target weight faster.

Yes, but due to the fluctuating hormone levels, the process takes longer for women in menopause. Typically, the metabolic hormones will rebalance after six weeks if you are in menopause. It is also very important to not consume any foods after 6 p.m. and only eat 3 times or less per day. We also strongly recommend trying to eat as many high-protein recipes as possible as this helps naturally curb cravings and naturally reduces caloric intake. Plus, high-protein diets help build lean muscle mass, so your body naturally burns more calories. So, Tetrogen will still work if you are in menopause but it may take longer to fully rebalance your metabolic hormones. Taking the additional steps above will help speed up the process and also produce better results.
If you have taken Tetrogen Day and Night as directed for 4–8 weeks and still see no reduction in cravings, no fat loss (using a fat caliper to measure yourself once a week), and no increase in energy levels or reduction in appetite, then your metabolic hormones are still not balanced. This is likely due to several factors working together to throw them out of balance. One factor could be the number of times you are eating each day. While some “experts” claim you can eat up to six small meals per day, this prevents Tetrogen from fully rebalancing your metabolic hormones. For best results, try to eat three meals or less per day, and that includes snacks. To help manage cravings while your metabolic hormones are rebalancing, try consuming high-protein or low-carb meals. High-protein meals will help fight cravings naturally and reduce your caloric intake by up to 400 calories or more per day. Low-carb meals allow you to eat more to feel fully satiated and won’t interfere with Tetrogen’s ability to rebalance your metabolic hormones.

Another factor that may inhibit results is stress. While we cannot always eliminate stress from our daily lives, there are things that can help manage it successfully, like meditation, yoga, and even aerobic exercise like walking or swimming.

Also, if you are in menopause, that can delay the rebalancing of metabolic hormones by up to 50%. So instead of it taking 4-8 weeks to fully rebalance your metabolic hormones, it can take a bit longer.

Remember, Tetrogen is fully guaranteed after 90 days. If there are factors that are slowing down the process of rebalancing your metabolic hormones, then it will take longer to see tangible results. So, if you don’t see any tangible results in the couple of months, take a third month and your metabolic hormones should rebalance in that time. Remember, a fat caliper is a great and inexpensive tool that will first detect when Tetrogen is starting to work even before weight loss. So, we advise investing in a fat caliper and measuring yourself each week in the same spots to see if fat loss is occurring.

Lastly, Tetrogen is a tool that helps you transition to a healthier diet for long-term weight loss success. By rebalancing your metabolic hormones, your caloric intake will gradually reduce while your caloric burn increases. This is what sets you up for long-term success and allows you to eat the foods you love 20% of the time while eating healthy the other 80% of the time. Tetrogen is formulated for realistic, long-term success by actually addressing the underlying problems that caused the weight gain in the first place.

Strictly speaking, no, intermittent fasting is not necessary for Tetrogen to work and rebalance your metabolic hormones. However, it is vital that you limit meals and snacks to no more than three times per day or it will interfere with Tetrogen’s ability to rebalance your metabolic hormones. Plus, if you eat after 6 or 7 p.m., it may interfere with your body’s ability to rebalance cortisol levels. Cortisol controls cravings and helps determine how much we need to eat to feel satiated. Intermittent fasting works well for many people as it restricts the eating window to around 8 hours per day and prevents vast fluctuations in your metabolic hormones. But strictly speaking, you do not need to use intermittent fasting so long as you only eat 3 times per day and try to eat your last meal by before 7 p.m. at the latest.
Tetrogen can help anyone rebalance their metabolic hormones, which will naturally lower caloric intake, decrease or even eliminate cravings, and increase caloric burn through greater activity levels. However, the time it takes to rebalance the metabolic hormones can vary from person to person and depending on their previous diet. Factors such as stress, menopause, and even when you eat your last meal each day can all delay the rebalancing of your metabolic hormones. In most cases, Tetrogen Day and Night will begin to rebalance your metabolic hormones in about just a few weeks. But if you are in menopause or have had a poor diet for a number of years, then the process can take up to eight weeks. Our 90-Day Challenge is designed to provide everyone with enough time to rebalance their metabolic hormones and start to see tangible results. We also provide a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee to give everyone enough time to fully try Tetrogen Day and Night and either see results or get a full refund. If you use Tetrogen Day and Night as directed, you will see tangible results in 4-8 weeks as cravings subside, portion sizes reduce, and your energy levels increase. We strongly recommend you get a fat caliper to measure yourself each week because this is where the physical results will show up first, not the scale. Once your metabolic hormones are fully rebalanced and you transition to eating healthy 80% of the time, then the weight will consistently come off each week as your journey toward your goal.
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