What is water aerobics?

Water aerobics is a type of exercise that you do in the water. Aerobics means that you use oxygen while exercising. Aqua aerobics exercises are suitable for anyone, especially senior citizens, pregnant women, and people with joint and knee problems. It is a very effective exercise because it poses no stress on the joints while doing it. You can commence at a very beginner level and work your way up to a very advanced level.

You can incorporate many different types of equipment into water aerobics to make it easier or harder on yourself. For example, you can include things such as weights, noodles, and belts that keep you afloat.

Water exercise is best for aging bodies because of the following reasons:

  • Your buoyancy is the opposite of gravity, and it creates an uplifting force in water that reduces or eliminates impact on joints, including feet, ankle, knees, and hips.
  • Aqua aerobics provides an opportunity To avoid pain and inflammation, you must exercise gently.
  • When moving in the pool, you are pushing against the thick viscous water resistance. Water fitness is a unique form of exercise that will have you feeling stronger, more energetic and with increased flexibility. muscle endurance and strength without using additional equipment.
  • All movements are resisted in water, which improves muscular balance and joint integrity.
  • Deepwater provides an opportunity to exercise in Zero Gravity. It has zero impact. So, it is good news if you give up jogging because it hurts.
  • Seniors can sprint as fast and as hard as they want in deep water. Deepwater The flotation belt is a great way to keep you afloat and burn calories.
  • If you are currently jogging, cycling, or engaging in other land fitness activities, water exercise provides ideal cross-training to break plateaus and limit the joint impact.
  • Aqua Aerobics will expand your fitness opportunities and limit the risk of injury.
  • Seniors often get disappointed trying to lose fat because they indulge in exercises that are too strenuous or uncomfortable.
  • Balance can become an issue with people as they age. People with a fear of falling can prevent themselves from participating in an exercise program by not going outside and staying at home. when they are exercising in the water, people have a greater sense that their bodies can do anything. They feel safer and more confident while performing exercises like pushups or sit-ups because there’s nothing to fear! will not fall or hurt themselves.
  • Aqua Aerobics can assist you in balancing out muscle groups that may have become uneven through repetitive action on land, as water provides equal resistance through a full range of movement.
  • Due to the hydrostatic pressure of water, the lactic acid buildup in the muscles is much lesser as compared to land. So, while you get a great workout, you are saved from the soreness and pain the following day.
  • It is not just great for your heart and muscles; it is also great for your lymphatic system and internal organs.

Here are some very simple, fun aqua aerobic exercises for seniors. These will help strengthen their muscles, making them stronger than ever before:

Aqua warmup

The purpose of warmup is threefold:

  1. Warmup generates thermal warmth in the cool environment of the pool.
  2. It gradually increases the heart rate and provides active stretches to all the major muscle groups of the body. Here are a few warm up drills that you can do inside the water with no equipment required.
  3. The warm up intends to prepare your heart and the working muscles for what’s coming up next.

Roll your shoulders back with a neutral spine and the core engaged throughout the workout.

Aqua jogging

Aqua jogging is quite similar to jogging or running on land. Have your feet shoulder-width apart. Start running on the spot first. Keep your torso leaned forward slightly and pull elbows back and forth, slicing through the water to warm the upper body as well. Like running on land, Aqua-jogging is a great cardio workout. However, the joints are safer in water, with very few impact problems.

Forward kicks

This is another excellent cardio workout. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, kick forward, one leg at a time, aiming at the water level. Keep the knees slightly soft, core engaged at all times, and breathe normally. This is an excellent cardio workout on the lower abdominal hamstrings and glutes. It is a great way to burn calories and simultaneously strengthen and tone the legs and abs.


You can wear a pair of gloves to add resistance to your workout. You can even do without them. Swing your body from side to side, kicking your leg from side to side, swinging from the hip. Keep your arms long and elbows extended. Next, swing your arms opposite, pushing the water with force. This works on your triceps, obliques, and core.

Jump jack variations

Starting with your arms extended to your shoulders, do a lateral raise and then a forward raise with your arms and jumping jacks with your legs. This is to be done along with the arm movements. This works on your deltoids, abs and it is a great cardio workout.

Roman Twist

This exercise helps strengthen and tone the oblique muscles and the floppy part of the arms. For this exercise, you will require a pair of dumbbells as equipment. Clasp a dumbbell in line with your chest immersing it in water. Keep the elbows extended. Keeping your legs close and core engaged, twist the dumbbell from side to side., moving the torso and lower body in opposite directions. Keep the elbow extended at all times for better resistance.

Side and front kicks

The equipment required for this exercise is a pair of ankle weights to add resistance. However, you can also do without them; add a little speed to your movements.

Raise one leg to the side, bringing it back down gently, touching the other ankle but not resting it. Now, raise it forward as high as your range allows. Again, get it back down without resting the leg. Keep the contraction in the muscle maintained. This is one rep. Do 20 repetitions on each leg. Remember not to move too much on your torso or your hip. Use the strength of your leg muscles to complete the movements. This is an excellent way to build the abductor muscles and hamstrings.

Weight Loss Mistakes People Over 60 Make

Weight loss is a struggle for people after 50 years of age. This is because many changes are happening in your body: physiological changes such as loss of bone mass, loss of muscle mass, making it easier for your body to accumulate fat. There are also hormonal changes, such as a drop in estrogen and testosterone levels. These changes hinder weight loss. People over 60 years of age may be committing the following mistakes:

Doing exercise in water is best for old age people

Eating out

Seniors after the age of 60 generally do not have children in the house, so they often eat out in restaurants to avoid the stress of cooking. Unfortunately, when you eat out, you cannot control your portions, you cannot control the amount of cooking oil you use, and you have no control over the ingredients being put in the food.

Going low fat

Many people still believe that fat will make them fat. However, that is not true, as long as you eat healthy fats. Avoid eating unhealthy fats such as trans fats and all the processed fats found in baked and fried foods.

Drinking calories in beverages

When you get calories from beverages, these calories quickly spike your blood sugar levels. This leads to insulin resistance, eventually leading to diabetes. So avoid all calories content in beverages. Instead, resort to water, green tea, and coffee without milk and sugar.

Not doing strength training.

Strength training feels a bit challenging for people after 50. Most people like to do light workouts such as jogging and walking. This is good for your heart, brain, and lungs, but it will not help you build muscle. Instead, combine cardio with strength training. Aqua aerobics is a good alternative for people as age sets in.

Skimping on sleep

Lack of sleep becomes a more significant challenge as we age. You must ensure that you get ample sleep because there is a direct correlation between sleep and appetite. Lack of sleep adversely affects your ghrelin and leptin. This will increase your hunger and make you eventually overeat.

Water exercises help people move and live better by improving their stamina and muscular endurance. Weight loss is a struggle for people after 50, and if you do not have a plan, you are bound to get frustrated and give up. A plan of action will guide you on what you have to do every day. Reach out to us with your weight loss questions, and we will be happy to help.


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