Supplements are regulated but not by the same standards as pharmaceuticals.

If you are trying to lose weight and manage your blood glucose you may be tempted to turn to supplements. There are several supplements available in the market, but the best weight loss supplement works on multiple fronts. They increase your body’s metabolic rate, suppress your food cravings and block or slow down your food absorption rate.

In this article, we’ll introduce you with a new and natural weight loss supplement  Tetrogen. This supplement is backed by scientific research and recommendations.

Top Reasons to Choose Tetrogen Weight Loss Supplement

It Works Day and Night

Tetrogen weight loss supplement comes in two servings: Tetrogen Day and Night. This ensures a 24/7 fat-burning mechanism.

Tetrogen Day acts as an energy-booster, increases metabolic rate and utilities body fat for daily body functions.

Tetrogen Night works by reducing your evening cravings and helps metabolize fat while you sleep. This round-the-clock functioning makes Tetrogen an effective weight loss supplement.

It’s Completely Natural

Tetrogen contains many natural ingredients such as African Mango extract, Cissus Quadrangularis(a medicinal plant), and a rare spice known as Dichrostachys glomerate. Other potent ingredients are chili powder, green tea extract, and melatonin. All of these herbal products have proven weight loss capabilities without any side effects.

It Targets Weight Loss in Multiple Ways

Here is the short guide to how Tetrogen ingredients work to help you achieve and maintain your target weight.


This patented extract from the African Mango supports fat loss in three ways. It helps prevent Fatty Acid formation and blocks the breakdown of foods into blood sugar. Moreover, IGOB-131 helps suppress the enzyme that prevents the formation of fat from blood sugar. African Mango is also found to reduce bad cholesterol and fasting blood glucose levels.


CQR-300 is a patented extract of Cissus Quadrangularis medicinal plant. It speeds up the fat-burning process and naturally suppresses appetite without harmful side effects. Additionally, CQR-300 reduces blood sugar levels and improve the body’s ability to burn stored fat and build lean muscle mass.


Originating from a rare spice, Dichrostachys glomerate improves metabolic function and reduces fat deposits of your body. Dyg-400 enhances the functioning of your hunger hormone(Leptin) that reduces cravings, and you avoid overeating.

Chilly Powder Extract (Lipofuel)

This extract in Tetrogen is responsible for improving metabolism at the cellular level, so your body converts excess calories into heat instead of fat.

Green Tea Extract

Caffeine and EGCG weight loss ingredients found in Green Tea extract help burn fat in two ways. EGCG helps your body free fat from the cells and makes your body burn fat instead of sugars in your bloodstream. The caffeine present in Tetrogen induces thermogenesis and helps burn fat without harmful side effects.


Sleep deprivation is associated with an imbalance of hunger hormone (Leptin) levels and makes you hungry frequently. It also slows down your metabolism and reduces the number of calories you burn. The right amount of melatonin antioxidant present in Tetrogen improves your sleep quality vital for your weight loss success.

Backed by Eminent Scientists

Tetrogen weight loss supplement is a joint effort of Gateway Health Alliances (GWA) scientists based in Fairfield, California and leading Herbal Pharmacists of Europe. Their intensive research has led to the formation of this 100% natural and highly bioabsorbable blend of fat burning extracts.

All these natural substances work together to trigger cellular metabolism that helps you achieve and maintain your target weight faster.

Summing Up

Tetrogen fat burner is a safe weight loss supplement option because it contains natural ingredients and has enough scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness.

Use of Tetrogen with regular exercise has produced some great results. Following are a few testimonials from Tetrogen users:

2 months and 17 pounds gone, I am so, so happy!!!!

Weight loss has never been that hard for me. What killed my progress was the cravings. Tetrogen is making the biggest difference for me there. Usually 2 weeks into a diet the cravings kick in and I end up back where I started, frustrated and heartbroken at my lack of willpower. Yet now Im 4 weeks into my diet without any cravings and still making steady progress. Ive also noticed a lot of the fat is coming off of my belly and love handles in particular. Apparently the formula targets what they call “stress fat” triggered by a hormone cortisol. I don’t know if I’m feeling less stressed, but I’m definitely seeing amazing reductions in my belly fat.

 I’ve tried plenty of fat loss supplements before with mixed results. I usually stop because the caffeine makes me anxious. Tetrogen has become my new favorite! The ingredients are simple and there isn’t any freaky stimulants in it, so I’d highly recommend you give it a try.

Happy Mikey

 It works…

When I was a young l was a great footballer When I quit though the weight started to pile on; I never realized how quickly you can gain weight! My wife was in good shape and takes tetrogen. One day I asked her if I could try it. Looking back it was a smart decision, probably one of the smartest I’ve ever made. I’m now like I was back in the day!!


 Great product

Rating: 5 stars

Title: Losing belly fat and sleeping better

I bought this expecting to lose weight (and I did, especially belly fat and arm flab) and I got another surprise! My sleep has been SOOOOOOO GOOD lately. Seems like the microdose of melatonin in the night supplement was exactly what I needed.

 still very important. I’m going to focus on my diet for now and buy tetrogen again when I have more money to spare.


 It works , Thank You.

Taking Tetrogen now for three weeks. Very straight forward , exactly what I read in product description. I have lost 7.5lb , i am eating plenty of nutrition food and have absolutely no cravings for junk food. Thanks ! I am thinking about getting a jar of Tetrogen Night , when the course is over , too keep cravings away .




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