Low Sugar Protein Shake Recipes for Weight Loss

One very simple way to increase the nutrition in your diet while keeping the calories under control is to add a daily low-sugar protein shake recipe for weight loss to your daily menu. These types of shakes provide a good dose of protein and essential nutrients to support the health of your muscles, bones, skin, …

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Best Things to Boost Your Metabolism

When it comes to losing weight, we’re often told to move more and eat less to create a calorie deficit. However, that equation leaves out one of the most important aspects of losing weight: metabolism. The term “metabolism” describes the chemical reactions in the body that keep us functioning. More often, though, it’s used interchangeably …

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Tetrogen Food Lovers Fat Loss Diet Plate

The Food Lover’s Fat-Loss Diet Plate

To lose weight without diet or exercise seems to be the “holy grail” of diet culture. Many people simply want to drop pounds without having to sacrifice. Of course, many weight-loss “programs” promise significant weight-loss results—without dieting. One such program is the Food Lover’s Diet. Does weight loss for food lovers really exist? And what’s …

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Does Fasted Workout Help With Fat Loss?

What Exactly is a “Fasted Workout”? Technically, the term is “fasted cardio” and refers to any form of aerobic exercise performed while in a fasted state.  In other words, any cardio exercises performed 10-12 hours after eating is considered a “fasted workout”.  Reading in between the lines and assuming you don’t unsafely skip meals, that …

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HIIT with cycling burns more belly fat

Aerobic Exercise and Fat Loss Go Hand in Hand

Aerobic Exercise and Fat Loss Facts Burning fat with dietary changes makes reaching your weight loss goals near impossible.  To successfully burn fat and get healthy, the metabolism rate must increase over a sustained period of time.  While anaerobic exercise technically helps burn more fat because it increases lean muscle mass faster.  However, anaerobic exercise …

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