Does Fasted Workout Help With Fat Loss?

What Exactly is a “Fasted Workout”? Technically, the term is “fasted cardio” and refers to any form of aerobic exercise performed while in a fasted state.  In other words, any cardio exercises performed 10-12 hours after eating is considered a “fasted workout”.  Reading in between the lines and assuming you don’t unsafely skip meals, that …

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HIIT with cycling burns more belly fat

Aerobic Exercise and Fat Loss Go Hand in Hand

Aerobic Exercise and Fat Loss Facts Burning fat with dietary changes makes reaching your weight loss goals near impossible.  To successfully burn fat and get healthy, the metabolism rate must increase over a sustained period of time.  While anaerobic exercise technically helps burn more fat because it increases lean muscle mass faster.  However, anaerobic exercise …

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how to reduce inflammation and lose weight

How to Reduce Inflammation and Lose Weight

Learn How to Reduce Inflammation and Lose Weight Naturally Many factors can contribute to weight gain: Eating too much (in portion sizes and calories) Eating a poor-quality diet Not burning enough calories A sedentary lifestyle and/or lack of exercise Hormonal imbalance and inflammation. Yes, inflammation can lead to unwanted weight gain.  So ready to learn …

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5 Evidence Based Weight Loss Supplements

Why You Want Evidence Based Weight Loss Supplements Whether you’re new to the weight-loss journey or you’re an experienced pro, you’ve likely come across a wide variety of weight-loss solutions. Special diets from drastically low calorie to low carb. Workouts ranging from daily walks to hardcore programs. And, of course, pharmaceuticals as well as supplements. …

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anti-inflammatory supplements for weight loss

Anti-inflammatory Supplements for Weight Loss

What Are Anti-Inflammatory Supplements for Weight Loss? When you read the title of this article “anti-inflammatory supplements for weight loss,” your first thought may have been, “What does inflammation have to do with weight loss?” The short answer is a lot more than you might think. Before we look at specific supplements, let’s first take …

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