Plate of leafy greens for fat loss

Best and Worst Fat Loss Diets for People Over 50

There is a tremendous amount of content on the internet surrounding burning fat and getting leaner. This blog intends to put forward some additional information you should consider once you are over 50 years of age. These little nuggets of information can be applied by you as they work specifically for you, because once you …

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Senior on pool doing exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy

Simple and Fun Aqua Aerobics Exercises for Seniors

What is water aerobics? Water aerobics is a type of exercise that you do in the water. Aerobics means that you use oxygen while exercising. Aqua aerobics exercises are suitable for anyone, especially senior citizens, pregnant women, and people with joint and knee problems. It is a very effective exercise because it poses no stress …

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Tetrogen 10 Tips for Staying Fit While Working a Desk Job 2021

10 Tips for Staying Fit While Working a Desk Job 2022

You may have read the headlines like: “Sitting is the new smoking…” “30 minutes of exercise can’t overcome a sedentary lifestyle…” If you work a desk job in 2022, is it even possible to stay fit? After all, sitting too much has been shown to contribute to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, high …

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Two adult women preparing health food for weight management

10 Tips for Adding More Protein Into a Senior’s Diet

You begin to lose muscle mass as you start getting older. Muscle is crucial because muscle strength function and physical activity are some of the biggest determinants of longevity. The most significant dietary contributor to muscle regulation and growth is protein. Our muscles are persistently in a state of turnover as they get broken down …

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Senior Couples Doing Streching excercise to get healthy body

The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Weight for Seniors

Why is maintaining a healthy Weight for Seniors important? Obesity is highly prevalent among older adults. However, the recent rise in the prevalence of obesity has been attributed to environmental and societal changes rather than individual behavior. In particular, there has been a general trend to decreased physical activity and increased caloric intake. As the …

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Ewa Dietition Explains the Science behind fat burning YouTube Video Thumbnail

You DON’T need to burn fat during exercise to lose fat

 Transcription So you’ve lost a few pounds of fuss, but where did it go? How does fat metabolism work, and how is fat actually burned off your body in order to understand how fat burning works, we need to understand fat metabolism. What happens to the food that we eat and what the body …

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Health benefits of fasting YouTube Video cover image

Can fasting help with weight loss??

Transcription Can fasting help you to lose weight and even be good for you? Let’s find out in 2014, almost 2 billion adults worldwide were overweight and the rates of overweight and obesity are constantly increasing, as is the need for effective dietary interventions. The most common intervention is a calorie-restricted diet where you eat …

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