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Prep Time: 10 Mins


3 frozen bananas
250g frozen blueberries
3 tablespoons acai powder
250ml coconut water
3 tablespoons almond butter (cashew or peanut butter work great too)
A selection of toppings


1. Put your bananas, blueberries, acai powder, coconut water and almond butter into a blender and
blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl and pimp it up with your choice of the toppings below!

• Fresh berries
• Freshly sliced ripe mango/chopped dried mango
• Freshly sliced kiwi
• Roughly chopped almonds/any other chopped nuts
• Goji berries
• Cacao nibs
• Bee pollen
• Desiccated coconut
• Pistachios

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