Capsaicin helps burn fat fast by inducing thermogenesis.

Burn fat fast and suppress appetite with capsaicin.
Capsaicin is also known as chili powder extract and helps burn fat fast while suppressing appetite.

Burn Fat Fast and Suppress Appetite with Capsaicin

If you are looking to burn fat fast, look for weight loss supplements made with Capsaicin.  Also known as chili powder extract, Capsaicin helps burn fat in 3 ways:

  1.  Induces Thermogenesis (where your body converts excess calories into heat instead of storing them as fat)
  2.  Shrinks existing fat cells and makes it easier for your body to burn them for energy/heat
  3.  Helps suppress appetite so your caloric intake drops forcing your body to burn fat for energy

However, just taking capsaicin is not a magic solution for sustained weight loss.  Yes, capsaicin can help you burn fat fast.  However, if your body’s metabolic hormones (Leptin and Cortisol) are out of balance, then results are likely to plateau after a few weeks.  Sound familiar?

Metabolic Hormones and Weight Loss

Fat burning active ingredients like capsaicin have limitations when metabolic hormones are out of balance.  Your metabolic hormones impact weight loss results in 3 main ways:

  1.  Increase cravings when out of balance
  2.  We need to eat more to feel satiated
  3.  Reduces metabolic rate so we burn fewer calories

Your metabolic hormones cause diets to fail when they are out of balance.  Even if you tried starving yourself and reducing caloric intake by 1/2, your metabolism would slow in a couple of weeks to compensate.  Even ingredients that help burn fat fast like Capsaicin are limited in effectiveness until the metabolic hormones are rebalanced.

How to Rebalance Metabolic Hormones

You have options when it comes to rebalancing your metabolic hormones naturally.  The first is High Intensity Training and the right workouts.  If you are out of shape, however, this is probably not the best option.

Another strategy is intermittent fasting.  Intermittant fasting helps “reset” your metabolism so that it doesn’t adjust or slow down when caloric intake drops.  You have to get the timing right but this can definitely work.

In addition, you also want to limit intake of any foods that cause inflammation.  Getting a good night’s sleep is also vital for proper balance in your Cortisol levels (control cravings).

Tetrogen is Formulated to Help Rebalance Metabolic Hormones

Tetrogen Day and Night are both formulated with Capsaicin and can help you rebalance your metabolic hormones quickly.  The capsaicin helps burn fat fast starting on day 1.  Plus, Tetrogen has 3 other clinically proven and patented ingredients to help rebalance your metabolic hormones.

Once your metabolic hormones are rebalanced, you will enter Accelerated Fat burning.  In this stage, so long as you maintain the 80/20 Rule (eat the foods you love in sensible portions 20% of time and eat healthy the other 80% of time) then you can achieve long term weight loss success.

How will you know your metabolic hormones are rebalanced?  Your portion sizes gradually reduce as you need to eat less to feel satiated.  Cravings disappear because your Cortisol levels are now in balance.  Your energy levels increase with a faster metabolism so you burn more calories.

Take our 60 Day Challenge to burn fat fast and finally rebalance your metabolic hormones for long-term weight loss success!


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