What is Green Tea Extract?

What’s all the fuss about green tea extracts and is it one of the natural fat burners? What are the proven benefits? Isn’t it enough just to drink the tea? Does the quality matter? What is the very best way to have it?  Is green tea extract one of the natural fat burners that can help you lose weight?

Green tea extract is concentrated green tea in a capsule, containing the same amount of active ingredients as around one average cup of green tea. Some are not fond of green tea. But, to receive the benefits of green tea without drinking lots of it, then the extract is for you. Green tea is well known for its antioxidant properties which help reduce oxidative stress by fighting the cell damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for diseases, inflammation and rapid cell aging.

As a supplement, green tea extract has many benefits for us. The most important antioxidants in green tea are called catechins and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). The two are well researched and proven to be the most beneficial for our well-being.

Proven Benefits of Green Tea Extract

As well as providing high levels of antioxidants, green tea extract is thought to help us have a healthy heart. Or, improve heart health in those who already have heart problems. Having a healthy heart is vital to good overall health and quality of life.
Healthy Heart

High blood pressure and high blood fat levels are risk factors for heart disease. So we need to regulate these potential dangers. When we have oxidative stress it increases the fat content of the blood. This then leads to inflammation in the arteries and eventually causes high blood pressure. The antioxidants in green tea extract reduce inflammation which is linked to a variety of chronic illnesses, including:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease.

Thus the antioxidant effects of EGCG are considered to be the main reason for its disease-preventing abilities.

Another benefit of green tea is to suppress fat absorption in cells, thus reducing blood fat levels. So we see just these two effects can help fight some of the causes of heart disease.

Natural Fat Burners can help the brain function better
Natural Fat Burners can help the brain function better

As well as helping our hearts, the antioxidants in green tea can improve brain function. Our brain cells also suffer damage from oxidative stress, which might cause a decline in mental function as well as brain diseases like Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and dementia. The green tea antioxidants can help protect the brain from this damage as well as aid memory function.

Green tea extract and Weight Loss

As well as being high in antioxidants, green tea extract also contains caffeine. This increases the levels of adrenaline, which triggers your fat cells to release fatty acids into your bloodstream, where they can be used for energy. These in combination are one of the natural fat burners. It is also well-documented it aids in fat loss and weight loss by regulating the hormones that can enhance thermogenesis.

Green tea has been shown to assist weight loss by making your body more effective at producing heat which burns more calories. So in conjunction with a controlled diet, this will lead to fat and weight loss.

The scientific analysis is complex. Here is a link to at least one study supporting the claims related to green tea extract and its effect on weight loss and weight maintenance:


Research shows green tea extract may have many other benefits for our health and well-being. Including:

  • Helping liver function.
  • Reducing the risk of cancer.
  • Improving the appearance of our skin.
  • Aiding in the recovery of our bodies after exercise.
  • Lowering our blood sugar levels.
  • Not to mention it is very easy to obtain and include in your diet.

Are All Green Tea Extracts Equal?

Green tea extract is available in liquid, powder, and capsules, and is included in some weight loss supplements. It does have quite a strong taste and although it can be drunk with other liquids, many prefer to take it in capsule form. The recommended dosage is around 250–500 mg per day. This amount can be obtained from 3–5 cups of green tea, or about 1.2 liters, which is quite a lot of green tea to drink.

Not all green tea extracts are equal or contain all the forms of antioxidants. For example, some only contain dried tea leaves and lack the vital EGCG. Tetrogen day contains exactly the right dosage of the highest quality EGCG for all your health benefits.

These include:

  • Helping your body liberate the fat from the cells and converting excess calories into heat instead of using sugars from your bloodstream.
  • Controlling free radicals which are highly reactive particles in your body that can damage your cells when there are too many.

It is important to note that taking green tea extract does have some side effects, although this may be from contamination of the tea rather than the EGCG. Tetrogen contains only the highest quality tested ingredients so you may feel secure taking our supplement which is the best Fat Loss supplement on the market.  Natural fat burners like green tea extract are great because they help you shed pounds safely and still provide a host of health benefits.

Please avoid taking green tea extract, however, if you are pregnant or taking certain prescription medications, including some types of cholesterol-lowering and antipsychotic drugs. If you have any concerns please contact us, and talk to your GP.


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