Even the best fat burning products can lead to plateaus that can easily be overcome with modest changes to diet and lifestyle.

Causes of Weight Loss Plateaus

Have you ever lost a significant amount of weight using the best fat burning products only to see your results plateau or stall?  Have you previously reached a plateau only to gain all the weight back and then some?  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Weight loss results plateau because our bodies have adjusted to whatever we were doing to lose the weight.  Typically, this is known as homeostasis and is caused by the metabolism slowing down.  A slowing metabolism causes two problems.  First, it causes the initial plateau in weight loss results.  Second, with a slower metabolism, it will make gaining the weight back that much easier.

And yes, plateaus will happen with even the best fat burning products unless they are specifically formulated to rebalance your metabolic hormones.  Supplements that rebalance metabolic hormones also caause changes to metabolism that can prevent plateaus.  Plus, they help make the transition to healthier diet and lifestlye for long term weight loss success.

Strategies to Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus

1. Restrict Carb Intake

Studies show that low carb diets naturally reduce appetite, help you feel fuller faster, and stimulate production of keytones.  Try to keep your total carb intake down to 50 grams or less to power past a plateau and restart the weight loss.

2.  Exercise and More Physical Activity

Did you know that for every pound you lose, your body burns 6.8 fewer calories per day on average?  This is your body’s metabolism naturally slowing down to account for reduced caloric intake.

Exercise helps counter the slowing metabolism so you can move past a plateau.  Specifically, resistance training works best for weight loss.  In addition to burning calories outright, resistance training helps with muscle retention.  In turn, that means you burn more calories when active and at rest.

If you are already working out but in a plateau, you may want to add in 1-2 more days of exercise.  And while resistance training is best for weight loss, aerobic and HITT exercise also helps push past plateaus as well.

3.  Increase Protein Intake

Protein naturally boosts the metabolic rate and is a great solution to stalled weight loss.  In fact, protein boosts calorie burning by up to 30% or more than double the boost you get from carbs or fats.

If your weight loss has stalled, increasing your protein intake may help.  It stimulates the production of PYY, a hormone that naturally suppresses appetite.  Plus, consuming more protein increases muscle mass retention.  This is important to weight loss because muscle burns more calories at rest than fat cells.

4.  Intermittent Fasting

Insulin spikes can wreak havoc on your cravings and overall metabolism.  This is because insulin spikes prevent the balancing of Cortisol and Leptin metabolic hormones.  Specifically, insulin spikes later in the day tend to prevent Cortisol levels from rebalancing when we sleep.  This leads to increased late night cravings, more caloric intake, and stalled weight loss.

Try to restrict your meals to an 8-10 window that ends by 6 pm each day.  If using intermittent fasting, it is strongly recommended that you eat a meal high in protein for dinner.  That will help naturally suppress cravings at night and help get your weight loss back on track.

5.  Cut Down on Alcohol Consumption

On average, each alcholic drink contains roughly 100 calories.  The problem is, they have no nutritional value and are thus empty calories.  Plus, few people have only one drink at a sitting.   Lastly, studies show that alcohol actually suppresses fat burning and is a contributing factor in belly fat formation.

Even the best fat burning products can’t counteract alcohol’s ability to derail weight loss efforts.  In fact, just a few drinks can completely derail all progress for an entire day or two afterward.  So if your weight loss progress has stalled, consider eliminating alcohol and see if that restarts it.  If so, you will want to severely limit intake to keep your weight loss progress moving forward.

6.  Drink More Water, Coffee and Tea

Studies show that sugar-laden beverages like soda actually lead to weight gain.  The opposite is true for water, tea, and coffee.

In fact, studies show that just drinking plain water can boost metabolism by up to 20% for 1-1.5 hours after consumption.  Caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee speed up metabolism and can induce thermogenesis which converts fat into heat energy.

Plus, green tea extract specifically contains ECGC which helps increase fat burning by up to 17%.

Of course, these results only come from drinking plain water, plain coffee, and plain tea without any sugar or creamer added.

7.  Stop Looking at Weight Scale Alone

A scale doesn’t necessarily reflect weight loss progress at all times.  In fact, if your body is building muscle and losing weight, then the scale might not change.  However, that is still big progress towards your goal of long term weight loss.  Plus, some people will retain more water while starting a new diet due to fluctuations in their metabolic hormones.  So, they will be losing fat but also retaining more water so the scale isn’t showing any progress.

What you really want to be measuring is fat loss.  It is entirely possible to be losing fat but not losing weight.  So, that’s why you need a relatively cheap but valuable body fat caliper.  You should get into the habit of checking body fat levels once per week.  So long as your body fat is decreasing, you are getting closer to your overall weight loss goals.

8.  Reduce Stress Levels

Stress stimulates the production of Cortisol which also controls cravings and how much we need to eat to feel satiated.  “Stress eating” is real and is caused by elevated levels of Cortisol in your system.

We can’t entirely eliminate stress from our lives but we can control our reaction to it.  Reading, yoga, meditation and even going for a walk are all ways to naturally reduce stress levels and the production of Cortisol.  Also, mental activities like puzzles and games can take our minds off of stressors and help calm down naturally.

Sometimes the Best Fat Burning Products Are Our Own Actions

Never rely on any diet or fat burning supplement alone.  The truth is that all research indicates that we must make changes to our diets and lifestyles for long term weight loss success.  So if your weight loss results appear to have pleteaud, don’t stress it.  It is completely natural and just means you need to make some adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to jumpstart the progress again.  Just use the strategies above to restart your progress.

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