Do fasted workouts burn fat quicker than normal cardio exercise on a full stomach?

Welcome to Tetrogen’s 12-Week Plan – Week 6 – how to burn fat without exercise.

You are halfway there. Congratulations! You’re settling into your new healthy habits. You will learn how to burn fat without exercise.

Quote of the week.

You are what you think about the most. So think health and happiness! – Unknown

Doctor appointment
Talk to your doctor to find out how to how to burn fat without exercise

Action Plan – Week 6 – how to burn fat without exercise.

At the end of week 6 we recommend a visit to your GP and run a few tests:
1) Body fat measurement to benchmark your improvement.

Please click on the link to view some of the ways to measure your body fat:

Remember that your aim is to lose body fat. Do not get obsessed by numbers on scales. If you follow this diet and exercise program and take Tetrogen, you will lose body fat. But you will also gain muscle because you are exercising. You cannot get too fixated on the number of pounds you have or have not lost.

You really want to preserve your muscle, preferably increase your muscle mass, because then you will burn more fat. So that is why you need to get your body fat measured and that is your indication of success.

It is important is that your Body Fat measurement after 6 weeks shows a reduction in your body fat composition. That is the only MAGIC NUMBER that counts.

2) Have your cholesterol checked as well as your blood sugar levels.

You should already notice some improvement.

How to Gain Muscle Mass and how to burn fat without exercise?

We have provided below different exercise plans for the various BMI categories that people fall into.

BMI Table
This BMI chart provides a quick indicator of whether someone is overweight and in need of long-term changes to diet.

For people whose BMI is between 25-40, this good workout routine should be performed 3 times per week in conjunction with aerobic activities 5 days per week of 30 minutes per day. This exercise routine, performed correctly, should not take more than 20-30 minutes and it will not only speed up your metabolism but also strengthen and perhaps increase your muscle mass which in effect will further reduce body fat.

BMI 25-40.
1. Stretching for 5-10 minutes, here is a link to a recommended routine. how to burn fat by reducing stress

2. 7-minute workout. Click on the link

3. Go for your 30-minute brisk walk, try to include some hill walking for extra cardio strength.

4. Warm down and stretching for 5-10 minutes..

BMI 40 and above.
1. Stretching for 5-10 minutes, here is a link to a recommended routine.

2. 7-minute workout. Click on the link

3. Warm down and stretching for 5-10 minutes..

Total time between 20-30 minutes.
Here is a link to exercise routines and suggestions especially for women:

At week 6, you will be in the position both mentally and physiologically to take your journey to a more challenging stage.

Why is it important to progress and learn how to burn fat without exercise?

FAT burning plateaus will occur around week 6. To accelerate your FAT BURNING mechanism you can push through and begin with some weight training routines. This will trigger and accelerate your body’s fat-burning ability.

how to burn fat naturally

For most of you, around week 6 Tetrogen Day & Night will kick in, and by this stage both of your key metabolic hormones: Insulin and Leptin will be rebalanced and function properly. The effective functioning of these 2 hormones is the KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS.

Let us explain the function of both.


Insulin is the hormone which decides which fuel our bodies will use. If insulin presence is high, only sugar can be burned, not fat. On the other hand, if there is little or no insulin present then only fat can be used as fuel. The pancreas makes insulin and it is an extremely vital organ. We do not want to do anything that will interfere with the functioning of our pancreas.

Insulin resistance is very problematic and is caused by excessive sugar consumption and the resultant high levels of insulin over a period of time. Eventually, the cells stop responding to the insulin and then the insulin stops doing its job and will not prevent the excess sugar build-up at the cellular level.

So what does this mean for our bodies? The body does not like all this sugar so it stops it from entering the cells and therefore they are starved of the glucose they need to function, so the cells crave even more carbohydrates, which of course means we do too!

After a while, the insulin resistance causes more problems because it forces your pancreas to work too hard and pumps out at least 5 times more insulin than normal. This means there is an excess of insulin in the blood but it is not doing its job. The weird thing is instead of stopping making insulin, the body makes more and more because it wants the blood sugar to reduce!


Leptin is a very important hormone produced in our fat cells that tells the brain that we have enough fat already stored, so we should stop eating. It controls the need for long term energy storage, thus it is part of an incredible system that prevents us from starving.

The problem is, we are not starving. Instead, we are overeating. Leptin is also supposed to prevent our bodies from over-eating. Clearly, there is some kind of failure to communicate here!

Three questions to ask is:

Why do our brains not know that we have plenty of stored fat, and shut off our desire to eat?

Why do we feel hungry when we already have huge fat stores?

Why can we continue eating when we’ve obviously consumed sufficient food?

Our leptin has stopped working! It no longer is able to cross the blood/brain barrier to give those very important messages to our brain. An obese person actually has an enormous amount of leptin in the blood, because when there are a huge amount of fat cells, there is also a lot of leptin produced.

However, like insulin resistance, the brain cannot ‘see’ the overabundance of leptin. It ignores it and doesn’t let it do its job, so no messages get through and the obese person continues to feel hunger and overeats although there is plenty of stored fat.

Useful information on how to burn fat without exercise:

Connect with other people that are trying to get healthier and lose unwanted fat. Join us on 80/20 Community. Use the 80/20 forum to share your experiences, ask and answer questions about losing weight, and help others on their journey. You are most welcome and we are there for you.

Fitness Tip of the week.

Please measure your resting heart rate, which you should do it first thing in the morning. Simply put your finger on the pulse and count the number of beats that you hear in 10 seconds.

Place your finger on the pulse

Multiply by 6, which will give you a number of your heart beats per minute. Average is around 72. If the number is lower could mean that your heart is getting stronger and your fitness level is improving, keep ongoing.

If it is higher that could mean that your heart is pumping blood around at a faster rate by strengthening your heart through aerobic exercise (brisk walking, jogging, swimming or cycling). So continue your program and you will reduce it to a normal level or lower.

Look at all the recipes on offer to help you burn fat faster along with Tetrogen’s supplements.

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