Action Plan Week 10 – How to Get Rid of Belly Fat with Minor Adjustments

Welcome to Week 10. You are confident, feeling better, you have more energy and you’re only looking forward.  This week, we’re going to learn how to get rid of belly fat with some very minor adjustments to diet and lifestyle and you’ll actually enjoy!


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”
Zig Ziglar

Importance of Herbs and Spices for Health and Weight Loss.

Herbs and Spices with Tetrogen's Top Keto Diet Supplement

Herbs and spices are your best friends. Learn how to use them and use them every day with every meal. They are good for your health, give flavor to your food and make meals so much more enjoyable. There are herbs and spices that can help fight inflammation and heal the damage to your body.

For example:

  • Cardamom has great flavor both for savory dishes and sweet. It can help fight inflammation, soothe your digestion and contains magnesium and zinc.
  • Cinnamon is great as a natural sweetener. and also has anti-inflammatory properties and is an antioxidant for your cells.
  • Pure cocoa is very useful due to its flavonoid content, which is good for heart health, cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Chopped or crushed garlic has a compound called allicin which is wonderful for your heart.

These are but a few ideas you can eat along with  Tetrogen’sTop Keto Diet Supplement. Do your research and learn about how to make your meals healthier and full of lively flavor.

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Using Nuts and Seeds

how to get rid of belly fat eating nuts and seeds

These are nature’s little powerhouses and are a very useful addition to your diet to help you lose and burn belly fat well as general weight loss. They are very good for you… but in moderation. Also, remember once they are fried and salted you can forget about them! So that packet of fried artificially flavored cashews, almonds or peanuts is definitely not what we are talking about here.

Nuts and seeds are rich in fiber, protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that will help you on your journey to health and wellness.

Almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts contain healthy fats, proteins and are useful antioxidants. Try to have 5 of these nuts per day, as they will help you to feel full and keep cravings at bay.

Remember: nuts are high in calories, so you can’t just munch away at them. It’s a good idea to make a little mix for yourself and bag them up in a small handful to have during the day to keep hunger away.

You can also make a seed mix, containing pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, linseeds, and chia seeds. Grind them up and sprinkle over your morning oatmeal as a boost in protein and vitamins and minerals.

Important Information to Help You Learn How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Are you falling victim to comfort food eating? Is it sabotaging your journey to health wellness and fat loss? It can be a difficult trap to overcome. Many people have become obese because of the comfort-eating habits. It’s really important to examine what are your personal triggers for heading to the comfort food.

Examine your eating habits. Do they contribute to or hinder fat loss?

This is where a food and mood diary can be very useful. When you find yourself going back to those old habits, it’s very important to work out why.

There is an emotion involved, probably a very old ingrained one. Everyone has different triggers and getting in touch with the causes of your comfort eating is vital.

Is it stress? boredom? sadness? has someone upset you? Are you putting off doing something you find unpleasant, so you procrastinate and eat your comfort food? Ask yourself if you are really hungry. Before you put the food in your mouth; pause, think… Why am I eating this food?

Try to put the food aside and wait 30 minutes. This will allow you to distract yourself and get busy with something else. It is quite likely that you are not hungry and that some emotion is driving your desire for food.

Identify the emotion, deal with the difficult feelings without eating. You will find that in time you can better understand your own behavior and take steps to fix the emotion without food.

Fitness Tip of the week to lose that fat!

Remember that aerobic fitness training is your best friend for fat loss and health along with Tetrogen’s Top Keto Diet Supplement. By now you should really be feeling the benefits of your increased fitness. So it’s time to get into some longer and more intense sessions. You know you can do a little more. Try to include some jogging in your brisk walking. Get into some hills. Maybe you feel well enough to get into cycling and jogging.

Have you used the Couch to 5k app? this is an excellent training app and by now you’re well on your way to a 5 km run!

It’s good to start monitoring your training. Follow this link to learn how to make sure your heart rate zones are helping you increase your fitness.

Diet tip of the week

Try making sure that at least one meal per day is high in protein.  Protein naturally suppresses appetite and curbs cravings.  Plus, studies show that eating a diet high in protein naturally reduces caloric intake by up to 400 calories.  That’s as many calories as you typically lose doing an entire hour of anaerobic or aerobic exercise.  Lastly, your body needs to burn more calories to digest protein than it does for fats or carbs.  So, that means it boosts metabolism rate naturally.

Even a high protein breakfast can help reduce late-night cravings by 50%.  So, try making one meal each day high in protein and see for yourself!

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