Modest weight loss goals can be accomplished with moderate home workouts. But for weight loss goals of 15 pounds or more, a comprehensive approach including dietary changes will be needed.

What is Hormonal Belly Fat?

According to Rocio Salas-Whalen, MD, a board certified endocrinologist at New York Endocrinology, hormones can lead to storing more body fat.  Specifically, hormonal belly fat tends to be visceral fat.   This refers to the fat that attaches to your internal organs like the liver and pancreas.  On the other hand, subcutaneous fat is the fat you can pinch with your fingers.  In the end, learning how to get rid of hormonal belly fat is vital to your long term health.

First, visceral fat leads to metabolic syndrome.  Over time, this dramatically increases risk for metabolic disorders like obesity, high blood pressure, and even diabetes.  Unfortunately, eliminating visceral fat requires a keen understanding of how the body stores fat.

As we age, our metabolic hormones tend to become unbalanced.  Plus, factors like poor diet and lack of exercise exacerbate the imbalance.  Unbalanced metabolic hormones lead to the following:

Increased Cravings

Needing to Eat More to Feel Satiated

Lower Energy Levels

Slower Metabolism

More of What We Consume Gets Stored as Fat (especially visceral fat)

So, if your metabolic hormones are out of balance, the odds of gaining visceral fat greatly increase.  In fact, until those critical hormones are rebalanced, losing wight and keeping it off is near impossible.  Even starving yourself won’t work.  Instead, the metabolism slows down even more and goes into survival mode.

How To Get Rid of Hormonal Belly Fat Safely

Proper Nutrition

In the long term and for sustained fat loss, adjustments need to be made to your daily diet.  Giving up all the foods you love is not necessary and it’s also unrealistic.  But, here are few modest changes you can make that can play a big role in helping you eliminate belly fat.

Eat from All Food Groups in Moderation

In the end, avoiding fad diets produces better results than completely eliminating certain food groups.  Ideally,  moderating your intake produces better results.  Now you do want to limit intake of starches (like pasta), white flour (white bread), and sugar (especially processed sugars, not those found in fruits).

In their place, try to increase your intake of high protein meals.  So, chicken breasts, legumes, fish, nuts, and other such high-protein fare and less carbs.  Now we are not advocating eliminating carbs.  The body needs nutrients from carbs to function properly and be healthy.  So, moderation really is key.

Develop a Realistic Exercise Routine or Increase Physical Activity Naturally

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends 150-300 minutes of aerobic exercise each week.  Ideally, you also want to include some muscle-building anaerobic exercises as well.  Lean muscle mass burns calories at a faster rate than fat.  So, you’ll burn more calories at rest.

Work out to build muscle
One way to burn fat fast is to build lean muscle mass so your body burns more calories at rest.

However, if you have not been exercising or engaging in significant physical activity, don’t rush in.  Going too hard can actually be dangerous.  Instead, start with a simple increase in the amount of walking you do each day.  Swimming is another aerobic exercise with minimal impact on your joints.

Increasing physical activity isn’t just about eliminating belly fat or burning more calories.  First, exercise helps naturally rebalance your metabolic hormones.  Secondly, exercise also helps naturally alleviate stress which can cause Cortisol levels to spike.  Lastly, some degree of physical exercise does help burn more calories and promote long-term health.  You need not run any marathons or live at the gym.   Making small but consistent increases in physical activity helps make the transition easier and produces big impacts in your long term health.

Reduce Stress Levels to Prevent Belly Fat from Forming

High levels of stress trigger the release of Cortisol.  In doing so, it will be impossible to fully rebalance your metabolic hormones and eliminate belly fat.  Unfortunately, we all endure significant levels of stress in our daily lives so avoiding it is not the answer.

Instead, try to substitute self-destructive stress reduction strategies for productive ones like:

Exercising More Even If Just Going for a Walk




Listening to Soothing Music

Learning how to get rid of hormonal belly fat means acquiring new, more constructive habits.  It will take some time but keeping stress levels down naturally is a vital first step.  Again, you can’t eliminate or avoid all stress.  But, you can engage in activities that naturally reduce stress  levels in a long-term, realistic manner.

How to Eliminate Hormonal Belly Fat with Supplements

Most weight loss supplements help you eliminate fat by either speeding up your metabolism (increasing caloric burn) or suppressing appetite (reducing caloric intake).  Therefore, most diet supplements for weight loss are formulated with potentially harmful stimulants.  Unfortunately, while they may produce what appears to be significant “weight loss” in the first few weeks, it is often water weight.  Then, once your metabolism readjusts, the results plateau.

The problem is simple.  Stimulants won’t help rebalance your metabolic hormones, or the underlying problem preventing long term fat loss.  In fact, by artificially inflating metabolism rate and suppressing appetite unnaturally, they can actually make things worse.  This is why you tend to quickly gain all weight back and then some after results plateau.

If want to know how to eliminate hormonal belly fat, look for weight loss supplements that target the metabolic hormones.  Otherwise, you are wasting your time and will be disappointed with the results and never eliminate belly fat and keep it off.

Tetrogen Day and Night Are Formulated to Rebalance Metabolic Hormones

Tetrogen helps your body burn fat on day one by helping induce thermogenesis.  That means it burns fat to produce body heat.  However, for long term, consistent weight loss, Tetrogen targets your metabolic hormones.

Depending on past diet and your current level of imbalance, it can take 2-6 weeks to fully rebalance your metabolic hormones.  Once they are rebalanced, you’ll notice these benefits that help you burn fat naturally and safely moving forward:

Increase in Energy Levels

Cravings Disappear

Need to Eat Less to Feel Satiated

Then, your body burns more calories naturally while caloric intake gradually reduces.  This helps you reach the 80/20 Rule where you eat healthy 80% of the time and can indulge in the foods you love the other 20% of the time.

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