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Fat Burning 101

Let’s say you buy Tetrogen Day and Night.  Can you simply take a pill in the morning and another at night and the fat melts all away?  Unfortunately, no, that’s not the case.  Sure, Tetrogen Day will induce thermogenesis  you start burning fat on day 1, but that’s not enough for long-term, sustained weight loss.  And, for Tetrogen Day and Night to reach Accelerated Fat Burning stage, your metabolic hormones need to be rebalanced first.  Typically, that takes 2-3 weeks but you do have to make a few changes to your diet to ensure this occurs.  Here’s exactly how to lose chest and belly fat faster with TetrogenUSA:

Implement Intermittent Fasting

If you want to know how to lose chest and belly fat fast, then insulin is key.  Every time you consume food, it causes a spike in your insulin levels.  If there are too many insulin spikes or if they occur to late in the day, your cortisol levels will never balance.  In addition, these spikes prevent Tetrogen from rebalancing your metabolic hormones to reach Accelerated Fat Burning.

Intermittent fasting is a very easy way to avoid spikes in your insulin levels late in the day.  By restricting your eating window to 8-9 hours and eating your final meal by 6pm, you can rebalance your Cortisol levels much faster.  So  before Tetrogen even arrives, try confining meals to a tight window and fasting in before and after.

Only 3 Meals Per Day with No Snacks

At most, you only want your insulin levels to spike 3 times per day.  Ideally, this number is lower but 3 the max.  At first glance, this may seem extreme and even impossible.  After all, you want Tetrogen to help with the cravings and to burn chest and belly fat.  Don’t worry, Tetrogen will help with both of those once your metabolic hormones are fully rebalanced.  Plus, Tetrogen does have an active ingredient (Capsaicin) that helps naturally suppress appetite and provide support in this initial stage.  But, there is something else you can do that also helps you in the long-term and this difficult stage.

Switch to Low-Carb Recipes 80% of the Time

One of the scientifically proven benefits of low-carb recipes is that they help naturally reduce appetite.   When you eliminate the carbs and consume more proteins and fat, your caloric intake drops significantly.  Low-carb diets also help you lose more weight faster because you lose more water weight and naturally lowers insulin levels.   Plus, lower carb intake forces the body to specifically burn fat from your abdominal cavity.

In addition, low-carb diets also increase levels of good cholesterol.  This promotes cardiovascular health and reduces risk for chronic illness down the road.  Lastly, low-carb diets naturally reduce blood sugar and insulin levels so Tetrogen can rebalance your metabolic hormones faster.

Why You Need and Want Tetrogen

You might be wondering:  Why do I need Tetrogen if I implement intermittent fasting, only eat 3 meals with no snacks, and switch to low-carb recipes?  There are three very good reasons why you want and need Tetrogen.

  1. With Tetrogen, you don’t need HITT workouts to rebalance metabolic hormones.  Otherwise, you would need to plan for a significant increase in physical exercise each week to rebalance your metabolic hormones.
  2. Eat the foods you love 20% of the time and still burn fat fast.  Unless you want to completely give up the foods you love to burn belly fat fast, you need Tetrogen.  Research consistently indicates that diets that totally restrict the foods you love are doomed to fail.  Tetrogen makes long-term weight loss possible without sacrificing all your favorite treats.
  3.  Rebalance metabolic hormones in a fraction of the time.  Without Tetrogen, rebalancing your metabolic hormones may take up to 3 months.  Tetrogen helps rebalance metabolic hormones in just 2-3 weeks for long-term, sustained weight loss.  Without rebalancing your metabolic hormones, long term fat burning is not possible and even a low-carb diet is doomed to fail.

So if you want to know how to lose chest and belly fat fast, use TetrogenUSA along with the three tips we provided and your weight loss journey will be successful.



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