Many weight loss supplements make the claim that they can…

“Boost your metabolic rate”

Let’s ignore the fact that most weight loss supplements have no science behind their formulas.

Some weight loss supplements can boost your metabolism, but the question is this…

How Many Extra Calories Will Your Body Burn?

This is a number the weight loss companies don’t tell us – and for good reason. Metabolism boosters are a 17 billion dollar a year industry.

They don’t want you to know that the number of extra calories burned is actually low.

In fact, even the best metabolism boosting ingredients can only increase your metabolism by about 5%.

That’s only 250 extra calories burned per day!

For reference, here’s what 250 calories looks like in actual food:

  • 1 chocolate bar
  • 5 slices of bacon
  • 1 avocado
  • A small handful of French fries

250 calories is NOT a lot of food.

The reason these metabolic boosters don’t work very well is because they are thermogenic – they work by increasing your body temperature…

But body temperature has very little effect on your total body metabolism.

Hormonal & Metabolic Changes From Dieting Can Slow Your Metabolism By Up To 30%

Your body doesn’t like change.

It doesn’t want you to gain or lose weight – it wants to stay the same.

This is why actors who gain 50 pounds quickly for a movie role are able to get back in shape so quickly after – they’re bodies are used to being at a certain weight and want to return to that weight quickly.

Hormones have the ultimate control over your metabolism.

They can increase your metabolism massively…

…or they can crash your metabolism, making it almost impossible to lose weight.

Here Are 2 Simple Methods You Can Use To Control Your Metabolic Hormones To Help You Lose Weight

These methods are best utilized right at the start of a diet.

This is because preventing your body’s metabolic and hormone changes is easier than fixing them once the damage has been already done.

If you’ve already been yo-yo dieting for a while and your metabolism has already slowed – don’t worry. It will take longer for you to get your metabolism back to normal, but your hormones will bounce back eventually.

Method #1 – Take Things Slow

If you focus on losing weight slowly, versus going on strict “crash-diets”, your body will be less likely to go into “panic mode”.

This will keep your metabolism higher – critical for sustainable weight loss.

Think about it this way:

Most people who become overweight, gain weight very slowly, over months or even years. Your body doesn’t want to gain or lose weight. Most people became overweight so slowly that their body didn’t notice.

You need to lose weight the same way.

Aim to lose a maximum of 0.5-1 pound of body weight per week.

Method #2 – Don’t Make The Biggest Weight Loss Mistake

*Drumroll please*

Cardio is the biggest mistake people make when trying to lose weight.

For the same reason rapid weight loss puts your body into a hormonal “panic-mode” cardio does too.

If you spend 20 minutes on a treadmill and burn 150 calories, guess what happens the next 12-16 hours?

Your body shifts your hormones, slowing down your metabolism, to make up for those 150 calories.

“Wait, but everyone says exercise is important to lose weight?”

It is…

…but cardio is the worst form of exercise you can be doing.

There are 2 forms of exercise which have the biggest benefit for weight loss:

  • Walking
  • Weight Training

They both work, not by burning calories, but by optimizing your metabolic hormones.

Try to walk more in your day to day life.

Take a 5 minute walk for every hour or two you work.

As for weight lifting, there’s something important you need to remember…


In fact, it’s almost impossible to build muscle at the same time as losing weight.

And even if you ate A LOT, it takes years of serious training and great genetics to get even noticeably muscular.

A simple, full body training plan – 2-3 times per week – is enough to have a huge difference on your metabolic hormones, without getting bulky.

Are Metabolism Boosters Are A Waste Of Money?

It depends…

Many metabolism boosters are full of caffeine and stimulants. These are hard on your body and can impact your sleep quality (sleep is another important metabolic-hormone regulator).

Other stimulant-free metabolism boosters can work well, but they should also contain ingredients designed to control your metabolic hormones.

Ingredients like green tea extract & time-released capsaicin extract (Lipofuel) can work as well as caffeine without the jittery energy or potential side effects.

Just make sure you combine them with the strategies we listed above so you can be certain the small metabolic boost is making a difference.


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