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Why Fat Burners that Actually Work Are Hard to Find

fat burners that actually work
Fat burners that actually work are rare because most are formulated with harmful stimulants that don’t work.

If you are looking for fat burners that actually work, you have your work cut out for you.  Unfortunately, this is because most fat burning supplements are formulated with stimulants like caffeine to induce thermogenesis.  Plus, some supplements cause a wide range of side effects, including:  Nausea, Constipation, Abdominal Pain, and Headaches.

In addition, fat burning tends to plateau quickly with stimulants.  Yes, they help you lose water weight for a few weeks.  Then, the results plateau and most people regain the weight and then some.  Stimulants only speed up the metabolism and suppress appetite unnaturally.  In other words, stimulants work for a short time but can cause health issues down the road.

Fat Burners Need to Target Metabolic Hormones

Fat burners that actually work must target the metabolic hormones.  Specifically, you want to use fat burners that target Leptin and Cortisol.  These metabolic hormones control cravings, portion sizes, energy levels, and even if food gets stored as fat or burned for energy.  In other words, metabolic hormones control weight gain and loss.

As we age, our metabolic hormones become unbalanced.  Plus, those unhealthy carbs and sugary treats exacerbate the imbalance.  Basically, every diet or exercise program fails because they don’t address the underlying problem.  Even starving yourself fails because after a few weeks, the metabolism adjusts to burn fewer calories.

Breaking the Cycle for Long Term Weight Loss

Intermittent fasting helps break the cycle of metabolic hormone imbalance.  Specifically, restricting caloric intake to an 8-10 hour time window.  You want to avoid eating too late or Cortisol levels remain imbalanced and cravings intensify.

In addition to intermittent fasting, it is vital to restrict meals to 3 per day with no snacks.  While some diet gurus suggest eating 4-6 smaller meals is ok, it’s not.  This causes your insulin levels to spike and prevents the metabolic hormones from rebalancing.  Lower insulin levels facilitates fat burning and keeps other metabolic hormones balanced.  Ideally, you want to eat 2-3 meals between 10-6 p.m.

Of course, this sounds easier said than done.  Plus, you want to avoid starving yourself as that will make any sustained weight loss impossible.  The key is switching to low carb recipes for meals that you can eat until fully satiated without counting calories.  That means avoiding any refined sugars found in candy, white breads, and soft drinks.

Tetrogen is Formulated to Burn Fat and Rebalance Metabolic Hormones

The revolutionary Tetrogen Day & Night are fat burners that actually work.  Tetrogen provides 24/7 weight loss support.  Plus, Tetrogen rebalances metabolic hormones in about 2-3 weeks.   Once rebalanced, cravings subside and disappear.  Plus, your portion sizes gradually reduce as you need to eat less to feel satiated.  Energy levels also increase helping your burn more calories with higher activity levels.

In addition, Tetrogen includes 4 active ingredients that burn fat on day one.  Once your metabolic hormones are rebalanced, you enter Accelerated Fat Burning.  In this stage, you can still eat the foods you love 20% of the time while burning fat and eating healthy the other 80% of the time.   And, Tetrogen Night is formulated with Melatonin for a good night’s rest which is vital to keeping Cortisol levels balanced.

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