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For 24-Hour Weight-Loss Support
Tetrogen Day and Night provides around the clock support as your body begins to reset internal controls that affect hunger, satiety and body weight. The time needed to rebalance metabolic hormones will depend on your previous diet, stress levels and overall health, as well as new dietary and exercise habits. Once rebalanced, you will notice higher energy levels, decreased cravings, and you’ll need to eat less to feel satiated. Set yourself up for success with this 60-day program.

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4 reviews for 2 Month Supply

  1. Walter J Blinn III

    Hello. First, I think Tetrogen is a GREAT product and have been using it for a year and a half with very good results. I’ve gotten my brother and sister in law to try it and am now getting a friend to try it for 3 months.

  2. Rachel Tobias

    Greetings, I learned about this product while watching a u tuber “You Are Free TV.” I’m very happy with your formula however sometimes when I take the morning capsule, it tends to make me a little nauseous (not always).
    I indeed have noticed some of my stomach shrink a little after taking for 3 months. I plan on staying on tetrogen for years and years to come. Thank y’all so much for engineering this great weapon🦾

  3. Dr. Laura

    It is wonderful to feel & also look so much healthier in just two month’s time..
    TETROGEN has improved my energy, & motivation, & my Life‼️

  4. Vero Pacheco M

    I need lose 50 points

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2 Months Supply of Tetrogen Day & Night

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