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For 24-Hour Weight-Loss Support
Make a commitment to yourself with a six-month supply of Tetrogen Day & Night and get the best deal on our natural, transformative weight loss and management nutritional supplement. In the first weeks and months Tetrogen will help rebalance your body and break the cycle of food cravings and fatigue. Once the metabolic reset is complete, Tetrogen will continue to support healthy function of the body’s appetite and weight management controls so you can keep off the pounds and inches and achieve new goals. You are worth the investment.

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  • 50% discount | Less than $0.83 per capsule
  • Free standard shipping to anywhere in the U.S.
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Responsibly sourced, manufactured and tested for quality, purity and potency
  • Tetrogen is made in the USA
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6 reviews for 5-Month Supply + 1 Month Free of Tetrogen Day & Night

  1. Teri Matarelli

    I have been taking am & pm Tetrogen since July of this year. I first heard about your product from youarefreetv youtube channel. I was hoping to lose weight with your product but have been unsuccessful. I was on keto, now WW. I have to tell you however the healing affect it has had. Last month, both my chiropractor and the person who I go to for reflexology on my feet both have said inflammation in my body is now nonexistent. My chiropractor hardly had to adjust me this last time and he was amazed. I have had lower back issues in the past, so that is amazing. I have always had issues with drinking enough water (usually only 35 oz, when I need close to 50 oz for my weight) My reflexologist has always said I need to drink more water because my liver has been off for over a year. Last Monday was the 2nd month I have not had liver issues. Even though I am eating somewhat clean, I have always leaned towards eating clean, so that cannot be the internal affects I am seeing. It has to be the Tetrogen. I am really quite amazed. I am 67 years old/female. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks you, Teri

  2. Mary Garrett

    Just wanted to say, thanks so much for your wonderful product in general, and thank you hugely for honoring the generous discount code you gave us. Much appreciated. LOVE TETROGEN!!

  3. Yadi C.

    Thank you so much! 😊. I love this company! You guys have great customer service. Tetrogen has really helped my weightloss journey!!

  4. Samantha Bonavia

    I will definitely start re-ordering again after I use up the supply I currently have probably another month and a half or so. you guys have a really great product!!

  5. Tess Wrigley

    I absolutely LOVE Tetrogen a.m. & p.m. I was told about your company through the You Tube Channel “youarefreetv”
    Gone through Menopause, my metabolism was all over the place along with every other imbalance’s to many to mention…. I have lost 25 lbs since starting 5 months ago & kept it off. I haven’t ever had a weight problem til Menopause. Tetrogen has been a life saver! I have more Energy & I sleep through the night & now having regular bowle movements everyday..  I’am as firm as I was teaching Kick Boxing & Step Classes years ago! Thank You Jenn, I don’t know what I would do without Tetrogen!The attached pic is me Now in the Shades. 5 months ago with Mom & Buster…. I’am 59 years young September 1st & enjoy living every day as a “Blue Sky Holiday”!

  6. Tina

    Tetrogen has enabled my husband to achieve blood glucose levels that he hasn’t seen in a decade…not with diet, pharmaceuticals or exercise. We eat low sugar…very low sugar…he takes a 30 minute walk M-F and has continued his normal medicine regimen. This is the only thing which has absolutely him see levels below 100. It is simply amazing!

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