How does anyone know if a weight-loss supplement, program, or lifestyle change will really make a difference? Everyone is different, so some changes may work better for some than others. But one consideration is how the product, diet, or lifestyle change works for others.

Recently, we reached out to all past customers to ask them to share their experience with Tetrogen. Some have only been using the product for a few weeks. Others have been using the product for several months.

We were blown away by the responses. Here are just some of the comments we received from people around the world (we only included their initials to protect privacy):

Real-World Feedback on Tetrogen


“This stuff actually works!” – GM

“I have sustained steady weight loss despite the holidays and a few other intermittent ‘cheats.’ Plus, my inflammation has decreased by approx. 40%.” – ED

“My shipments come in a timely manner. My chiropractic visits have improved. I have gone for reflexology for many years, and my reflexologist always said I am not drinking enough water because of my liver. That is not an issue now.” – MT

“Tetrogen’s really helping my metabolism and inflammation.” – CCV

“Tetrogen has helped me maintain and not gain additional weight. I have lost only 5 pounds so far, but your product is slowly helping me maintain weight loss. I sleep very well every night due to your nighttime dose. I would like to lose a lot more weight but it is a slow process for me.” – MJ

“I have more energy and have lost 15 lbs.” – CS

“Tetrogen really worked.” – ED

“I feel that Tetrogen is beginning to help me maintain a better weight.” – BR

“Tetrogen reduced my cravings for sugar and snacking between meals.” – WK

“The product works very well. I am gradually losing weight.” – CD

“The product did work, and I am satisfied with the results.” – LR

“I have lost 13 pounds!” – DK

“I feel better, have more energy, am finally able to sleep at night, and no longer have the carb cravings I used to.” – RS

“Just a great product!” – MJM

“I feel less lethargic, can walk upstairs much easier—instead of walking sideways, I can walk up with normal stride.” – HB

“I like the product. It helps control appetite, and it improves sleep.” – SW

“I have more energy, feel better, and eat less.” – FC

“Shipped before I ran out and it worked to help me lose cravings, lose weight, and sleep better.” – BR

“I like the morning pill. It gives me energy. And the night pill really helps me sleep all night.” – CDS

“Since I am in menopause, it took a while to kick in, but it really suppresses my appetite. It also helps me get a good night’s sleep. I love it.” – PJ

“What I noticed the most was the turning off of food cravings. That worked really well for me. Also, I don’t own a scale but I started noticing that my clothes were fitting much looser.” – TK

“I have autoimmune disease and I am feeling better. I am not eating like I used to. Progress is happening.” – RJT

“I haven’t gained weight this winter, and I usually gain 5 – 10 pounds.” – C

“Great weight loss.” – HLK

“I am sticking with it for now. I don’t need to lose a great deal of weight, but I do want to lose some. I already eat moderately, but I have noticed gradually that I do not get low blood sugar like I have in the past. I think I’ve lost a little belly fat, which is the problem for me.” – SE

“Worked, and I had no hunger pains.” – CL

“I feel that my cravings are substantially less.” – SL

“Tetrogen is really helping my metabolism and inflammation.” – CV

How long did you use Tetrogen ?


Answer Choices Responses Percentage
45 Days 20 35.71%
60 Days 9 16.07%
90 Days 27 48.21%
Total 56


How satisfied were you with the product


Answer Choices Responses (People) Percentage
Very satisfied — would use again 42 75.00%
Moderately satisfied — may or may not use again 12 21.43%
Not satisfied — would not use again 2 3.57%
Total 56


What non-weight loss victories did you experience during the time you used Tetrogen Life? (Please mark all that apply.)


Answer Choices Responses (People) Percentage
Improved sleep 32 57.14%
Greater energy or focus 29 51.79%
Decreased appetite 37 66.07%
Improved metabolism 24 42.86%
Increased physical activity 12 21.43%
Improved digestion 21 37.50%
Other (please specify) 11 19.64%


What were you trying to solve using our product? (Please mark all that apply.)


Answer Choices Responses (People) Percentage
Decrease appetite—eat less and still feel satisfied 36 64.29%
Cut cravings 30 53.57%
Enhance energy 28 50.00%
Rebalance metabolic hormones 43 76.79%
Lose weight 46 82.14%
Decrease body fat 40 71.43%
Other (please specify) 4 7.14%


What is your knowledge of nutrition/healthy eating?


Answer Choices Responses (People) Percentage
I know very little—I would like to know more 3 5.36%
Average—I know the basics but am still confused about some things 13 23.21%
Very good—I spent months/years studying it 38 67.86%
Other (please specify) 2 3.57%
Total 56


Out of the 96% of satisfied Tetrogen respondents, only one could win the grand prize of a $200 Amazon voucher.


Will you experience weight loss, better sleep, better appetite control, more energy, or more? Why not order now to find out how much Tetrogen can help you?!



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