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Only dietary supplement on the market that rebalances metabolic hormones to solve the underlying problem that prevents long term weight loss.

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Tetrogen Day & Night provide 24/7 fat burning and weight loss support. Tetrogen Day induces thermogenesis and burns fat on day 1. Tetrogen Night fights cravings and has Melatonin to get a good night’s sleep.

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Tetrogen created Community 80/20 for full support on the weight loss journey. We provide nutritious recipes, wellness tips, and help people transition to the 80/20 Rule. At that point, they can eat the foods they love 20% of the time while eating healthy the other 80% and still maintain consistent, long-term weight loss.

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Grow With Us and Earn Top Dollar

Just look around at any of our competitor’s and you’ll quickly see why we are so unique and well-positioned for rapid growth. We are the ONLY weight loss supplement that tells customers the truth.

The truth is simple: No diet or weight loss supplement alone can help you lose significant weight and shed fat without changes to your diet and lifestyle. We are 100% transparent about this and it’s backed by virtually every legitimate clinical study on the planet.

Tetrogen doesn’t work overnight because it’s formulated to address the underlying problems that caused someone to gain weight in the first place: Their metabolic hormones. In 2-3 weeks, Tetrogen rebalances the metabolic hormones so that caloric intake naturally reduces while caloric burn naturally increases.

Plus, we have a specially calibrated email marketing system in place that helps our customers succeed and establishes trust. This is why our resale rate and lifetime customer value is so high. We don’t just sell the product and move on. We send out healthy recipes, wellness tips, and motivational emails to ensure customers get the most out of our product and truly succeed on their weight loss journey.

We even created a special Community 80/20. This program is designed to help our customers transition to an 80/20 diet. Meaning, once the metabolic hormones are rebalanced, you can eat the foods you love 20% of the time while eating healthy the other 80% of the time and still maintain consistent weight loss. Our product is clinically proven, our support is unrivaled, and it really works without causing anyone to starve, eat bland foods, or deny them the foods they love completely.

And if we are generating over 3% conversion rate off of paid traffic sources, just imagine what you can do with a warm audience of followers or email list members. Our top Super Affiliate generates a conversion rate over 12% off of her Instagram followers.

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The following email swipes include cold emails & autoresponder emails. Multiple proven headlines are provided and emails have been A/B tested for maximum conversions.

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Clinical Results from 10 week double- blinded, placebo controlled study taking 1 Tetrogen Day pill every morning and 1 Tetrogen Night pill every evening with no strenuous exercise:

  • Average Weight Loss of 24.8 pounds
  • Average Reduction in Body Fat by 20%
  • Average Waist Circumference Loss of 8.6 Inches

Source:  Functional Foods in Health and Disease 2013; 3 ( 11) : 416-427

Tetrogen Addresses The Underlying Problems That Have Sabotaged Every Diet and Exercise Program You’ve Ever Tried

Tetrogen Day & Night is the world’s only 24/7 fat burning supplement that helps you finally push past plateaus and reach your target weight.  But, it’s not a “magical solution” by any means.  It’s the only product that finally addresses the root cause of your weight problem once and for all and that is exactly why it works even when all else fails.

It’s Your Body, Not You

Your metabolic hormones have always been the underlying reason why no diet or exercise program has ever worked for you.  It’s not your fault:  As we age, Leptin and Cortisol become unbalanced gradually until you start putting on extra weight.  Then, as you put on more weight, these metabolic hormones become even more unbalanced so you become stuck in an endless cycle that can never be stopped until Leptin and Cortisol are rebalanced.

Unfortunately, you can’t diet or exercise your way out of the problem.  Even fasting, massive caloric reduction, or rigorous exercise won’t be enough.  In fact, you’ll just hit a plateau after 4 weeks or so and then:  You’re stuck.

Why Tetrogen is Different

Most weight loss supplements are only formulated with 1 or 2 active ingredients that typically cause “jitters” or extreme agitation.  The “jitters” are caused by caffeine or similar active ingredients that unnaturally suppress appetite.  The result is typically side effects like nausea, stomach irritation, insomnia, and ultimately:  Another failure when weight loss plateaus and you’re stuck once again.

But Tetrogen Day has 5 clinically proven, patented ingredients while Tetrogen Night has 4 clinically proven, patented ingredients plus just enough Melatonin to help you get a good nights rest.   Sleep is a critical element in metabolic hormone balance as it helps reset your Cortisol levels which help control cravings and feeling satiated.

Tetrogen Helps You Achieve the 80/20 Balance for Long Term Weight Loss Success

The truth:  We all eat and consume things we shouldn’t.  From Aunt Betty’s pecan pie to mom’s famous fried chicken:  We all eat things that aren’t healthy for us.  Plus, most of us don’t have the time or patience for exercise so maintaining healthy activity levels can be a challenge for many.

At Tetrogen, we fully understand these facts so we formulated Tetrogen to help you gradually achieve the 80/20 balance.  Meaning:  20% of the time, you can eat the foods you love and indulge.  But 80% of the time, we really need to keep portions under control, eat healthy, and maintain at least a modest level of physical activity.

By rebalancing your metabolic hormones, achieving the 80/20 rule is almost automatic.  In other words:  Your portion sizes will naturally decrease because you’ll feel fuller faster after eating less.  Plus, you’ll have no cravings between meals and your energy levels will significantly increase leading to a natural increase of physical activity.  And then our clinically proven active ingredients will help you maintain 24/7 fat burning until you reach your target weight.

At that point:  You can either discontinue use until you need it again or continue to safely use and make staying at your target weight automatic.  The choice is yours once you finally reach your target weight.

Realistic Timeframe for Success

The time it takes to shed all of your unwanted pounds depends on where you are starting.  The more excess pounds you have, the more out of balance our metabolic hormones and longer it takes to rebalance them.

For someone who is 25 lbs. overweight, Tetrogen can typically rebalance your metabolic hormones in about 20 days.  Once your metabolic hormones are rebalanced, the Accelerated Fat Burning Phase kicks in and the fat melts away MUCH faster.  But for someone who is looking to lose 50 lbs. or more, it can take up to 40 days to fully rebalance the metabolic hormones.

So while Tetrogen will deliver noticeable results within 30 days, the accelerated fat burning typically occurs at the end of month 1 and beyond.  So to safely lose 25-30 pounds, it will typically take around 10 weeks or more of consistent use to reach target weight.  But unlike every other diet or exercise program you have ever tried:  With Tetrogen, there are no plateaus.  Instead, the fat burning and weight loss actually accelerate around week 3 or 4 (again, depending on your weight when you begin).

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Leptin is known as the satiety hormone. Basically, when we eat, leptin levels increase and signal our brains to feel full or satiated so we stop eating. When we don’t eat, leptin levels are low and signal the brain to have cravings and hunger pangs so we eat.

But due to processed foods, hormones injected into our food supply, and sugar being added to nearly every food we consume, leptin stops signaling the brain. This condition is known as “leptin resistance”. Essentially, the brain can’t detect leptin properly so it thinks your body is starving and in need of energy.

This causes three things to occur that doom any diet to failure:

  1. The frequency and intensity of cravings increase to make us hungry and ingest calories
  2. We need to eat more to feel satiated and artificially increase caloric intake
  3. Our metabolism slows to conserve energy

Researchers believe leptin resistance is the leading cause of obesity and one of the biggest reasons why diets fail. Essentially, you are fighting your own body because your brain thinks you are starving. So, even if you do cut caloric intake and exercise more, the metabolism still slows to adjust to the lower caloric intake. Until you reverse leptin resistance, eliminating fat and losing weight is nearly impossible.

You can reverese leptin resistance naturally but it takes months and you’ll be fighting intense cravings and a slower metabolism the entire time. Tetrogen is specially formulated to help reverse leptin resistance in 2-6 weeks. When leptin resistance is reversed, your cravings will disappear, portion sizes will decrease, and energy levels will increase making it much easier to eliminate fat and keep it off. In other words, Tetrogen helps address the underlying problem and make it easier to transition to the 80/20 Rule and healthier lifestyle for long term weight loss success.