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Hi there, my name is Eva and I’m a registered dietitian. So first of all, thank you for clicking on this video. And second of all, you probably clicked on this video to find out more about what tetrogen is and what it has to offer. So let me explain. Teteringen is a natural US-made supplement that was designed to help you get the foundation for your weight loss journey right. It was designed to rebalance your hormones, specifically the hormones that regulate your appetite.

And fertility levels such as leptin it was most certainly not designed to get you hooked for life like some other supplements can be. So is there any proof that Tetragon works? Let me explain. The science behind Tetra Egens is for active ingredients. But before I do that I want to let you know that the team of European and American scientists that came up with Tetrogen formula has made it daytime and at night time.

Formula for slightly different purposes. The daytime formula contains green tea extract which can help to boost your metabolism, so this formula is best had with the first meal of the day. The nighttime formula contains melatonin, a hormone produced by the body to help promote sleep. And why is this important? According to the American Psychological Association, more than 3/4 of adults report symptoms of stress.

Including sleep problems now. Stress increases cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone and high cortisol levels, particularly before bedtime, can lead to impaired sleep and can ultimately be a contributing factor to weight gain, so it is best to have this nighttime formula with one of your evening meals to promote good sleep and the doses of the active ingredients used in the daytime and the nighttime formula combined are the same doses.

That was used in the clinical studies. We will now look at the first out of four active ingredients is ideal. B 131 so this is a patented seed extract from Irvingia Gabonese’s or the African Mango 4 peer-reviewed, double blind, placebo controlled clinical studies showed that ideal B can significantly reduce body weight and body fat percentages. Here is one of the studies published in lipids in health and disease. The yellow section represents the placebo group.

And the blue section represents the group that took ideal B131 for 10 weeks. We can see from the results ideal beads effectiveness in reducing body weight, regulating appetite and satiety, and reducing waste circumference. Active ingredient #2 is C QR300. This is a patient’s extract of this is quadrant, Belarus, an indigenous plant of India, Asia and West Africa used in traditional medicine. 5 peer reviewed.

The civil controlled clinical studies demonstrate that secular 300 may significantly reduce body weight, percentage body fat, and waist and hip circumference. Let’s look at one of the studies. The yellow section represents the placebo group and the blue section represents the group that took secure 300. So here we can clearly see the reductions in body weight, body fat, and waist circumference. Active ingredient #3 is Diego mera. This is a patented extract of dichro steak.

Glomerata, a traditional West African spice and potent antioxidant that can support a healthy weight loss. One of the studies published in the journal Functional Foods in Health and Disease investigates the effects of diploma and weight loss. The yellow section represents the placebo group and the blue section represents the group that took the glomera.

The results show that Diego Mera can reduce body weight, body fat and reduce weight, circumference and the last of the four active ingredients is lipo fuel. Lipo fuel is 100% exclusive to Tetracyn. Lipo fuel is a sturdy form of chili powder extract, also known as capsaicin and socities, showed that it can increase your core body temperature so as a result of the production of heat, also known as thermogenesis.

You actually use up more energy, which translate into using up or burning more calories. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? But I would like to remind you that this is a supplement and should be used to supplement your lifestyle changes and kick start your weight loss journey. The biggest lifestyle change we recommend here at Tetracyn is the 8020 rule. Why? Because it is a realistic approach to weight management. It is effective long term and it leaves.

Room for anything life may throw at you. Be at a birthday cake for your kids or a few drinks to celebrate an anniversary. Another thing to mention, it’s really important to set realistic goals such as losing one to two pounds of fast per week. Stay consistent because this is a marathon and not a Sprint as well as that everybody reacts differently to certain foods and supplements. Let’s take the common peanut, for example. Some people can’t.

Live without peanut butter while others with severe allergies. The risk of dying if they eat one. So because everybody is different, we cannot promise the certain amount of weight loss with tetracyn. But rest assured, if you don’t see weight loss benefits straight away, just know that your metabolic hormones, the hormones that control how hungry and how full you feel should be in a much better place than they were before. Your cravings should start to ease off and you should start to feel fuller faster.

Making losing weight simpler and just more natural, no more starving yourself. Life is here to be enjoyed.




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