Getting rid of belly fat essentially boils down to three main concepts that need to be applied simultaneously for best results.

Best Fat Burner for Belly Fat Targets Metabolic Hormones

Fats help your body to function properly. However consumption of saturated and trans fat is harmful to your health. Fat causes weight gain, insulin resistance, and leads to increased risk of heart disease and cancers.  The best fat burner for belly fat needs to target your metabolic hormones so you lose weight naturally.

To lose fat, burn more calories compared to what you consume. Building muscles increases your metabolic rate and Cardiovascular exercises help develop stamina and keep your heart healthy. Besides taking all the right steps towards fitness, a fat burner supplement can help accelerate your weight loss journey. A fat burner dietary supplement improves your body functioning and metabolic rates and leads to better results from your workouts.

Find our more about fat burners and their role in fat loss by reading below.

What Are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are nutrition supplements that help your body burn more fat for fuel. These supplements also increase metabolism, reduce fat absorption, and boost weight loss efforts.

How Do Fat Burners Work?

Fat burners function in multiple ways. Some use uncoupling to create heat inside a cell to burn fat. Others increase metabolism rate to allow the body to burn fat on its own. Some companies have created supplements that allow cells to release more fatty acids, whereas others work by manipulating enzymes responsible for fat loss and gain.

Best Fat Burner Options

Several supplements in the market claim to be the best in burning belly fat. To achieve sustainable results from your workouts, you need to research thoroughly and understand the specific characteristics and benefits of supplements.  Ideally, the best fat burner for belly fat targets your metabolic hormones.  Metabolic hormones control cravings, how much we need to eat to feel satiated and our overall metabolism rate.

As we age, the metabolic hormones become unbalanced.  This triggers cravings, causes us to eat more to feel full, and lowers our metabolism rate.  The best fat burner for belly fat rebalances metabolic hormones for long-term, sustained weight loss.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is one of the best fat burning ingredients available today. Scientists have found two major ingredients – Caffeine and EGCG in green tea extract. Both these extracts support fat loss without harmful side effects.

How does caffeine help burn fat?

Caffeine helps by increasing your energy levels and reducing fatigue. This is helpful during workouts. During workouts caffeine allows you to work harder and burn fat naturally. Caffeine also increases individual metabolic rate to allow you to burn more fat. Finally, caffeine supports fat oxidation process in normal-sized individuals. It means caffeine consumption equips your body better to release fat from cells.

How does catechins (EGCG) help burn fat?

Scientists have proved that catechins found in green tea extract are good at burning fat. Catechins tend to block an enzyme that breaks down two substances adrenaline and noradrenaline in your body. These chemicals boost your metabolism and make it harder to store fat. When you consume green tea, the catechins (epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG) allow adrenaline and noradrenaline to remain in your body for a longer time, and you can lose more fat with a boosted metabolism.

African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis)

African Mango contains several health-promoting nutrients such as fiber, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and minerals. It is supposed to be an effective fat burner natural substance that’s why it’s widely used in fat-loss supplements.

Weight Management & Associated Health benefits of African Mango

According to a Clinical Study published in the Journal of Lipids in Health and Disease, IGOB-131 (patented extract from African Mango) has shown several health benefits for weight management, including:

  • Helps promote weight-loss by suppressing appetite.
  • Speeding up metabolism and preventing fat buildup.
  • Suppresses enzyme that prevents formation of fat from blood sugar.
  • Prevents fatty acid formation.
  • Blocks breakdown of foods into blood sugar.
  • Reduction in LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  • Reduced fasting blood glucose level.


Cissus Quadrangularis is a medicinal plant primarily found in West Africa and India.
CQR-300, which is a unique and patented extract of Cissus Quadrangularis plant, has been found to speed up the fat-burning process and naturally suppresses appetite without harmful side effects and cravings.

Cissus Quadrangularis & Fat Burn

According to a 2007 study published in Lipids and Health Disease, CQR-300 helps in the following range of health benefits:

  • Improved body’s ability to burn stored fat
  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Increase fat loss speed
  • Reduce blood glucose level

Rare spice Dyg-400

Dichrostachys glomerate or Dyg-400 is a rare spice found in the jungles of Cameroon. This natural ingredient is known to utilize sugar efficiently and prohibiting it from getting stored as fat in the body.

Role of Dichrostachys glomerate in Fat Burn

According to various clinical studies, DYG-400 was found to be associated with improved metabolic function and reduced fat deposits. Some additional benefits not limited to the following, include:

  • Improved Leptin (hunger hormone) function to reduce cravings
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Improved blood-sugar hormone sensitivity which triggers fat metabolism


The essential components to get fit are workouts and smart nutrition. You can speed up this process by including safe and effective fat burners in your routine.  And remember, the best fat burner for belly fat helps rebalance metabolic hormones so you can lose weight naturally.  Plus, you’ll stop fighting your own body making losing fat easy and natural.

Fat burner dietary supplements promote weight loss in the following ways:

  • Reduce appetite & control cravings.
  • Boost metabolism & increase fat burn.
  • Prevents conversion of energy into fat.
  • Targets Leptin to Help Reverse Leptin Resistance

By including a proper diet, exercise, and supplement plan in your day to day life, you can quickly shed those extra fats and reach your fitness goals.

Finally check out the range of fat burning supplements from Tetrogen. They are natural  and help you to achieve your weight loss goals safely and in a time-bound way.


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