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So you’ve lost a few pounds of fuss, but where did it go? How does fat metabolism work, and how is fat actually burned off your body in order to understand how fat burning works, we need to understand fat metabolism. What happens to the food that we eat and what the body does when we have either too much or too little food? We will then look at how to optimize fat burning first on the list. Fat metabolism.

Fat metabolism is how the body handles the fat that we eat and how it makes the fat that we need. So what happens to the food that we eat? Whenever we consume foods, it could be fat, carbohydrate or protein or a mixture of all of them. The body uses this food as energy and the amount of energy we need from food is measured in calories, just like height is measured in centimeters or meters, we need energy from food so the body can perform.

Basic functions like breathing, digesting food, and sleeping. We also need energy for physical tasks like getting up out of bed or making a cup of coffee in the morning when we get just the right amount of energy from food. We remain in a state of equilibrium, so our weight remains equal or at the same. And what happens if we have too much food? We are no longer in equilibrium, we are in an energy surplus and the weight goes up. So this is because.

The extra energy that we just consumed isn’t needed right now. Therefore it is stored in the body to be used for energy later, which brings us on to the question what happens when we don’t have enough to eat when we don’t have access to enough food, or if we’re in a fasting state, we rely on the stored energy in our bodies. So first we use glycogen in the liver and muscles as a primary fuel. So if this changes to glucose, which we then use.

Energy, and when this glycogen burns out the body then switches to using the stored fat as the primary fuel source.

The stored triglycerides are broken down into fatty acids and the fatty acids are then broken down. Further, the end product of fatty acid breakdown is turned into either glucose or ketones, both of which can be used for energy and the process by which fatty acids are broken down is called fatty acid oxidation, more commonly known as fat burning. So what happens after the stored fat after it is burned off apart?

Energy, the byproducts are carbon dioxide and water, and this is actually how camels survive long periods. Without water. They use the fat in their humps to make carbon dioxide and water and energy. So how can we optimize a fat burning? I’ll just go through three points point number one, probably the most obvious one is a calorie deficit. So this means consuming less energy than we need so that the body can actually use up some of the stored.

  1. The energy it’s been saving.
  2. we could also incorporate short periods of fasting, so this is called intermittent fasting and intermittent fasting has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and improve sleep, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will lose more weight versus than if you were just in a calorie deficit and for the people that do like it, they say that it’s easier to stick to a calorie deficit in a specific time period last point.
  3. you can probably guess this one. We can speed up the process of fatty acid oxidation or fat burning by exercising. There are different types of exercises that have different effects on your body. Some exercises cause you to burn fat during the exercise and some exercises cause you to burn fat after the exercise, but it doesn’t really matter whether or not you burn fat during the exercise. This is because after you finish exercising your body needs

To recover and for this it needs additional calories which it can get from your stored energy, such as your stored fat stores. So the healing process can take as long as 48 hours, so that’s two days. So two days after exercise, you can still be burning more calories than you would have if you didn’t exercise at all. Bottom line, high intensity workouts, moderate intensity workouts, and resistance training can all be effective.Individually and together at burning fat.


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