Community 80/20 is solely here to help members achieve long-term, sustained weight loss by transitioning to the 80/20 Rule. Put simply, that means you:

  • Eat the Foods You Love 20% of the Time
  • Eat Healthy 80% of the Time

It also means that 80% of the key to long-term success is diet-related. The other 20% is lifestyle or activity related.

Community 80/20 is here to provide you with the support you need to finally hit and maintain your target weight. We don’t advocate living at the gym, starving yourself, or completely avoiding the foods you love. Those things don’t work and for good reason:

  1. Any Diet or Exercise Program That Makes Unrealistic Demands Is Doomed to Fail
  2. If You Don’t Fix the Underlying Problem, Then No Diet or Exercise Program Will Work

Let’s talk about the Unrealistic Demands first.

Ok, here is the truth for many: We eat to alleviate stress and release dopamine and other hormones that make us feel good. Put another way: Sometimes we use food to self-medicate away all the stress we encounter every day.

Everyone on this planet who is honest self-medicates in some way. Whether it be smoking, drinking, or even sex: We all self-medicate. And like anything: When done to excess, it leads to negative consequences.

Therefore, if any diet or exercise program expects you to 100% give up on what may be your preferred method of self-medication, it’s less than 10% likely to work in the long term. It can happen, but the odds are overwhelmingly against you.

This brings us to the second reason why most diet and exercise programs fail: They don’t address the Underlying Problem: Your Metabolic Hormones.

Role of Metabolic Hormones in Weight Loss

As we age, our metabolic hormones get out of balance especially if we develop bad habits in our diet and lifestyle. Your metabolic basically control whether your burn energy efficient for fuel or store it as fat. The most critical metabolic hormones are Leptin and Cortisol (link to web MD source).

Take Our Metabolic Hormone Test to See If Yours Are Out of Balance

Don’t worry: It’s free, you don’t have to provide email, and we don’t link you off page. Ready to get started?

  1. Do cravings seem to spike late at night and even many mornings?
  2. Do you eat more than 3 meals per day (including snacks)?
  3. Does it seem like you are eating significantly more to feel full and satiated than 5 years ago?
  4. Are your energy levels low without caffeine and other stimulants?
  5. Do you struggle sleeping and getting a good night’s rest?

If you answered “Yes” to 3 or more of the questions above, then it’s highly probable your metabolic hormones are significantly out of balance. You could literally starve yourself and still not lose weight after a few weeks because your metabolism will enter “Starvation Mode” that kills energy levels even more to conserve energy. Until the metabolic hormones are rebalanced, your results will continue to plateau after 4-8 weeks.

Community 80/20 Helps You Rebalance Your Metabolic Hormones and Much More For Free Without Buying Our Product

Tetrogen is the only weight loss supplement on the market formulated to help rebalance your metabolic hormones in about 2-3 weeks so you can quickly transition to the 80/20 Rule while achieving long-term weight loss.

Using Scientifically Proven techniques and strategies, you can rebalance and optimize your metabolic hormones yourself. The process takes a longer and requires sacrifice, but we’ll help you every step of the way. Once complete, you can use the 80/20 Rule to maintain long-term weight loss until you reach your target weight. And we’ll also provide the opportunity to win wellness prizes plus get delicious recipes, tips and suggestions to help you transition to a healthier, happier, and thinner you!

What’s Included with Your Community 80/20 Membership Community 80/20 Benefits
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1. Win Prizes Every Month Designed to Help You Succeed on Your Weight Loss Journey

What kind of prizes can you win?

  • tickBlenders to Make Smoothers
  • tickGift Cards to Buy Healthy Ingredients
  • tickCookbooks Filled with Delicious, Hormone Friendly Recipes
  • tickAnd More!

Winners are announced on our Facebook Page by the 5th of every month!

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2. Step-by-Step Instructions to Naturally Rebalance Your Metabolic Hormones

On the first week, you’ll get an overview of the entire process and what to expect. We’ll also get you started on Day 1 with specific strategies for rebalancing Cortisol levels (control late night cravings, how much you need to eat to feel satiated and more). Each week, we’ll give you specific instructions for rebalancing your metabolic hormones until the process is complete. By then, you’re ready for the 80/20 Rule and long-term weight loss success!

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3. Access to a Community of People On the Same Weight Loss Journey

The destination may be important, but it’s the people who join you that make it special. We know it’s challenging to make lasting change and finally reach your target weight. Everyone in Community 80/20 is on the same journey and we help keep you connected to share your triumphs and the occasional failures. It’s ok, the road to success is always paved with some setbacks but by sticking together, we’ll achieve our dreams.

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4. Weekly Tips, Suggestions and Recipes to Help You Succeed

The 80/20 Rule isn’t some arduous journey where you deprive yourself of delicious food or live in a gym!! No, we are going to help you see that you can still live and eat healthier while eating delicious meals every single day. We’ll share tips, suggestions, and recipes to help you maintain the 80/20 Rule until you reach your target weight and beyond. Every single week, these tips, recipes and suggestions will be sent to your inbox.

Tetrogen Day & Night For Rebalancing Metabolic Hormones

5. Exclusive Access to Special Promotions

You are under no obligation to purchase and 90% of what you receive is dedicated to rebalancing your metabolic hormones and the 80/20 Rule. However, you will also get exclusive offers that can help you reach your weight loss goals faster. You are under no obligation to purchase and we promise, no pressure.

How Do You Join Community 80/20 and Make Yourself Eligible for Prizes?

That’s simple! Just provide your name and email in the form below and you’ll receive an activation link in the email. Clink on that, and you’re in! If you want to drop out, just click Unsubscribe on any of our emails and you’re out.

Do I Have to Purchase Tetrogen to Join Community 80/20?

Absolutely not. No purchase is required to join our group and we still want to help you succeed in your weight loss journey so we’ll be happy to provide you full benefits of membership! You are still eligible for prizes and all the other benefits of our exclusive group dedicated to long-term weight loss success.