Introducing the Tetrogen Monthly Service Plan

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Pay As Low As $44.10 for 30-Day Bundle Delivered Straight to Your Door Each Month

For Ongoing 24/7 Weight Loss Support

Tired of guessing how much Tetrogen you need to order? Looking for the absolute best price? Ready to just put your weight loss on auto-pilot and end re-ordering until you reach your target weight?

Then look no further: Our Tetrogen Monthly Service Plan takes care of everything and you can easily cancel at any time! Tetrogen is specially formulated to lower chronic inflammation levels and ultimately reverese leptin resistance. Depending on your current inflammation levels, it may take a few weeks for Tetrogen to reverse leptin resistance. But when that happens:

  • Cravings Reduce and Ultimately Disappear
  • Portion Sizes Decrease as You Need to Eat Less to Feel Satiated
  • Energy Levels Increase Because Your Metabolism Naturally Increases
  • Your Immune System Is Taxed Less Due to Lower Inflammation Levels
  • Fat Burning Naturally Accelerates for Long-Term, Consistent Weight Loss

It’s super simple to get enrolled:

  1. Just add the 1-month bundle to your cart
  2. Complete Billing/Shipping Info.
  3. Create User ID (email recommended) and Set a Password
  4. Hit Submit and That’s It


    30 Day Supply
    Begin your journey to a healthier, slimmer you with a 30-day supply of Tetrogen Day and Night. Our patented, clinically tested formula helps modulate appetite, fat storage and metabolism to fuel weight loss and improved body composition. In combination with a healthy diet and exercise, Tetrogen Day and Night can provide the extra support needed to begin transforming your body to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. Take a step toward your “best self” today.
    • 53% discount | Less than $0.82 per capsule
    • Free standard shipping to anywhere in the U.S.