Dr.Nash a leading research scientist explaining the findings of Clinical Research on CQR, IGOB, Dyglomere, which are three active ingredients in Tetrogen Weight Loss formula in Q&A.

Clinical Research Article ( Functional Foods in Health and Desease 2015)


  1. 1

    What particular diet, if any was followed by 3 groups in the Study?

    Participants were not on any particular diet. We however recommended and encouraged the consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as moderate exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

  2. 2

    What does lipid parameter mean in simple terms and what was the findings after of 8 weeks of this parameter?

    Lipid parameter represents the presence of fats in blood – triglycerides and cholesterol which are detrimental to health. Though the presence of higher than normal levels of triglycerides in blood is generally considered to be bad for our health, that cannot be said for cholesterol which could either be bad (LDL-cholesterol) or good (HDL-cholesterol). Over the 8-week period of the study the levels of the ‘bad lipid’ went down while that of the ‘good lipid’ went up.

  3. 3

    Does the dose used in the Clinical Studies of IGOB131 and Dyglomere works better for higher BMI index or does it have the same affect across any level of BMI?

    The effect of IGOB131 and Dyglomera can be considered as biochemical therefore should follow specific principles which are not BMI specific. Recent research however considers very high BMI as a disease state linked to other metabolic complications. It is therefore possible that IGOB131 and Dyglomera could be less effective in individuals with such BMIs.

  4. 4

    What was the main contributor to body fat loss, for example portion reduction due to appetite suppression or positive affect on fat metabolism or increased level of metabolic rate, or all of the above?

    From what we know about IGOB131 and Dyglomera, all the factors mentioned above contribute to the fat loss observed in clinical trials. Though a reduction of appetite has been the least measured (encourage participants to maintain as much as possible their dietary habits during trials), other established mechanisms of actions have been shown. These include an increase in metabolism linked to the presence of different polyphenols, decrease in enzyme activities, up regulation and down regulation in the expression of lipogenic genes as well as the ability to act as powerful antioxidants.

  5. 5

    What factors could diminish or expedite the effect of IGOB131 and Dyglomera, i.e. individual baseline, genetics, other health factors?

    In metabolic terms all individuals are different and their metabolisms will be affected by their starting points or baseline. From our experience we found overweight and obese people responsive to IGOB131 and Dyglomera, despite the fact that obesity is considered as a disease state. The various studies were not designed to take into account the genetic situation of participants, but existing literature clearly outlines genetics to be linked to the metabolism of individuals.

  6. 6

    Do Dyglomere and IGOB 131 cause any adverse reaction with any pharmaceutical products?

    In the past 20 years that we have worked with IGOB131 and Dyglomera we have not reported any case of an adverse reaction to a pharmaceutical product. Considering the plant / food origin of both IGOB131 and Dyglomera, their adverse effects are unlikely.

  7. 7

    Is there any particular types of foods that enhance the effect of IGOB131 and Dyglomere?

    Not to the best of our knowledge. We however encourage users to eat balanced diets and as many colors as possible (fruits and vegetables).

  8. 8

    Can you please describe (in simple terms) the positive mechanism of IGOB131/Dyglomera on fat metabolism and increased oxidation?

    The presence of phytonutrients gives their property of increasing metabolism. This can be achieved through the sympathetic nervous system’s activated release of adrenaline and thyroid hormones that brings about browning of white adipose tissue. This increases energy consumption and non-shivering theremogenesis as well as inhibits diet induced obesity, thus preventing metabolic diseases.

  9. 9

    Can you please explain (in simple terms) the positive findings on adiponectin, C-reactive protein and leptin levels?

    Obesity is accompanied by oxidative stress and is associated with low grade generalized inflammation. Leptin is considered as a pro-inflammatory factor because it regulates the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-αand interleukin 1 & 6. Consumption of antioxidants decrease leptin. Dyglomera has antioxidant properties, while IGOB131 reduces C-reactive protein (CRP) and leptin, indicating its ability to reduce inflammation. Adiponectin on the other hand is insulin-sensitizing and anti-inflammatory. Its level is significantly increased by IGOB131 and Dyglomera.

  10. 10

    Did participants know that the study was about weight loss? If yes, I presume people automatically improved their diet, so how did you distinguish between knowing whether the study outcome was due to the supplement alone or a combination of people changing their lifestyle and the supplement?

    Yes, participants were aware of the study being for the purpose of weight loss. This generally brings about lifestyle changes which could affect the results. The interventions were however double blinded placebo controlled, with the differences between the placebo and active groups being considered as the key result.

  11. 11

    Could this supplement be recommended for the sole purpose of lowering cholesterol, as a natural alternative to statins?

    IGOB131 and Dyglomera brought about improvements in various health related parameters including the reduction of the levels of total cholesterol and an increase in HDL-cholesterol. They can therefore be used for the purpose of reducing total blood cholesterol levels.


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