Learn how to lose stomach fat by cutting down or eliminating alcohol consumption.

7 Reasons Why Alcohol and Weight Loss Don’t Work

If you want to know how to slim down stomach fat quickly, cutting alcohol consumption is an excellent start.  While some studies indicate that consuming alcohol provides some health benefits, the impact on weight loss is undeniable.  Here’s 7 reasons why losing belly fat is impossible with alcohol included.

#1.  Body Burns Alcohol Calories Immediately

The calories from a beer, glass of wine, or mixed drink are burned immediately for fuel.  That means instead of burning glucose from carbs or lipids from fats, your body immediately burns the calories from alcohol.  So, that means whatever excess glucose or lipids will be stored as fat.  Consuming alcohol with meals destroys any hope of consistent fat loss.

#2.  Empty Calories

Consuming a beer adds 150 calories to your daily intake.  Plus, a glass of wine adds 125 calories.  Even worse, these calories lack any nutrients.  Thus, the body burns the calories for energy but doesn’t gain anything it really needs for long term health.  Drinks made with mixers or juice can top the scales at 200 or more calories.  Just one night of drinking can add a meal’s worth of calories or more.  Eliminating belly fat while consuming 100’s of empty calories with a meal isn’t possible.

#3.  Alcohol Creates Belly Fat

Sadly, the beer gut exists.  Studies consistently show that consuming beer and wine especially lead to more belly fat.  Actually, consuming any beverage made with simple sugars like soda, beer, and yes wine, leads to weight gain.  Excess alcohol consumption strongly correlates with excess absominal fat, aka, the “beer gut”.

#4.  Alcohol Impacts Your Hormones

If you want to know how to slim down stomach fat, you have to understand alcohol’s impact on hormones.  Studies show that consuming alcohol lowers testosterone levels.

Testosterone plays a role well beyond sex drive.  In fact, testosterone impacts muscle formation and fat burning capabilities.  Some studies even suggest that metabolic syndrome is caused by chronically low testosterone levels.  In addition, low testosterone levels may impact quality of sleep which would elevate Cortisol levels.  Elevated Cortisol levels would cause increased cravings and appetite levels.

In other words, alcohol destroys weight loss goals on even the metabolic level.

#5.  Alcohol Negatively Impacts Digestion

Alcohol stresses your stomach and intestines.  Thus, your digestive secretions and movement of food through the intestines decrease.  Digestive secretions are vital to healthy living.  They break down food into the basic macro-nutrients that can then be absorbed and used by the body.

Alcohol basically inhibits your body from absorbing these vital nutrients.  In turn, that can wreak havoc on your metabolic hormones and overall metabolism.  Instead of being broken down and absorbed properly, all that food will instead be stored as fat.  Remember, the body burns the calories in the alcohol for fuel first so everything else is stored as fat.

#6.  Alcohol Damages Liver and Impacts Fat Storage

Your liver plays a role in metabolism.  Specifically, it metabolizes and stores fats and carbohydrates.  At least, it does when it’s working normally.

Additionally, the liver is your body’s filter.  It filters foreign substances like alcohol out of your body.  However, if you consume too much alcohol it can lead to alcoholic fatty liver.  Persons with this condition don’t properly metabolize carbohydrates and fats making it near impossible to lose weight.

#7.  Alcohol Increases Risk of Binge Eating

If you want to know how to slim down stomach fat, eliminate binge eating.  Alcohol reduces inhibitions, including what we eat.  The only thing worse than drinking empty calories is eating more calories on top of them!

How to Slim Down Stomach Fat Realistically Including Alcohol

Any diet that makes unrealistic demands is doomed to fail.  Occasionally, we are going to drink.  Fortunately, Tetrogen was formulated with the 80/20 Rule in mind.

The 80/20 Rule is Simple:  Eat or drink the foods you love 20% of the time and eat healthy the other 80% of the time.


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