Protein helps preserve lean muscle mass and keep metabolism rate elevated so your burn fat faster.


You will never change your life until you change something daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine, and that is to find real fat burning strategies.


Tetrogen’s 12-week plan will help you finally achieve long-term weight loss and transition to a healthier lifestyle. Including weight loss tips with calorie restricted diets, and fat burning strategies.

You have already taken the most important step by clicking on our website. You are here because you want to finally eliminate stubborn fat and live healthier. So we have assembled a 12-week Lifestyle Change Plan that combined with Tetrogen Day & Night make a healthier, slimmer and more active YOU. 

12-week Lifestyle Change Plan
We have put together a 12-week Lifestyle Change Plan that together with TETROGEN DAY & NIGHT make a healthier, slimmer and more active YOU.

Why Tetrogen’s 12-Week Plan?

We created this plan with ONE AIM only: to help you. We listened to your questions and responses and it seems that some people were dissatisfied because no diet or weight loss supplement alone can help you lose body fat and keep it off. This is true! Tetrogen is a Catalyst or Enabler and it works together with a healthy DIET and EXERCISE. Everyone wants instant gratification and an immediate fix. Unfortunately, long-term weight loss success requires a genuine commitment to changing lifestyle habits that often are years in the making. Thus, it will take time to acquire new, healthier habits to truly burn fat and keep it off. The great news: Tetrogen is specifically formulated to help you make this transition successfully.

Fixing your weight and health problems will take time (think about how long it took you to get where you are!). It is a very individual process depending on your Baseline: BMI Index, Genetics and most importantly, YOUR EXPECTATIONS.

Think, plan, act
Think before you plan. Plan before you act. Act successfully!

If you want an instant fix, there are pharmaceutical companies that would love to help you along that road. You may indeed lose weight, fit into your special outfit, look good on the beach this summer. But, to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The pharmaceutical pathway will have long term side effects, most of them unpleasant. You may also choose the instant fix of surgery. These are not fat burning strategies.

Remember that every time your body is cut open, even by the knife of a skilled surgeon, the effect on your body is the same as being stabbed.  You need help because your habits, perhaps of a lifetime, have caused physical changes in your body that have resulted in obesity and its resultant health problems, some of them dire. Neither surgery nor pharmaceuticals can help you make the long-term changes to your lifestyle and habits that are needed for permanent health benefits.

Fit and Healthy
We can help you make long-term changes to your lifestyle and habits that are needed for permanent health benefits.

Why the 12-Week Plan Really Works

Our 12 week PLAN will outline nutritional information with healthy recipe suggestions, information on superfoods and exercise activities for each week.

We will explain the role of TETROGEN in this plan as a transitional helper, enabler and provide information about its function to “speed up” your individual fat loss process.

Before you start…

    1. Please consult with your physician before starting any new weight loss supplement or diet. You will find the supplement panel on the website.
    2. Measure your BMI index.
    3. Measure your Body Fat content.  Sometimes we are misled by the numbers. WEIGHT LOSS IS NOT THE SAME AS FAT LOSS!

Then, join our Facebook Community to consult and share with others that are going the fat burning strategies as you.

We will explain this throughout your 12-week journey.

Some Helpful Suggestions

First, we start slow to ease you into the transition.  Any diet or weight loss program that advocates radical adjustments is doomed to fail.  For a weight loss journey to be successful, it must be realistic.

Second, don’t worry about the results in the beginning.  If you focus on getting healthy first, the weight loss occurs naturally and without hardship.  It takes time to make the changes necessary for long-term, sustained weight loss.  Managing your expectations is vital to your successful journey.

Any diet or lifestyle change that produces greater than 2 pounds of weight loss in a week is dangerous.  Most likely, it’s creating unrealistic expectations that can doom you to failure.  Fat burning strategies need to focus on healthy transition to a better diet and more active lifestyle.  Our 12-week course gradually guides you slowly towards the ultimate goal and the results will come.

The 12-week course should not be seen as a limited time diet and exercise program.  Instead, the purpose is to provide you with lifetime habits that produce a healthier, happier, and thinner you.  Once completed, you need to continue forward using the fat burning strategies and suggestiong found in the 12-week course.  Otherwise, the pounds will slowly return and you will be in the same boat as before.

Why You Will Succeed Here Even If You’ve Failed Before

Our fat burning strategies are realistic, attainable, and can be done by anyone motivated to live a healthier, happier life.  You don’t have to starve yourself or live at the gym.   In fact, you don’t even have to give up the foods that you love.  We are here to help you succeed, not completely unsettle your life or cause deprivation.

The 12-week course helps you slowly transition by taking small, but meaningful, steps towards a healthier diet and lifestyle.  You can do this and we are here to help you every step of the way.



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