Most supplements are formulated with harmful stimulants that artificially speed up metabolism and/or suppress appetite. In the long term, they can do more harm than good.

What are thermogenic fat burners?

Thermogenic supplements are a diet aid that promotes a heat reaction in the body, increasing the metabolism to burn more fat and help you lose weight.    The most popular thermogenic fat burners, however, are not always the best.

For one, There may be side effects so it’s important to know the ingredients and their potential side effects before you buy one. Also, they can interfere with medications you are currently taking and that includes all-natural fat burners; so, before you start a thermogenic supplement speak to your physician.

Are thermogenic supplements new?

In a nutshell, no, thermogenic supplements are not new. Some have been on the market for a decade. Many contain large doses of stimulants like caffeine or possibly ephedrine.  The problem with stimulants is they can lead to serious side effects like insomia, nausea, and worse.  Plus, Anyone with heart issues should consult their doctor before taking anything that contains stimulants.

The weight loss aid Hydroxycut has been on the market for several decades now. It is full of caffeine, a natural stimulant found in coffee and green tea.  Unfortunately, Hydroxycut employs a heavy dose of caffeine and you may experience jitters, anxiety, a rapid heartbeat, headaches and several gastric issues, including this one. While most people can tolerate the rapid heartbeat others who have underlying heart issues may not be so lucky.

The question then, is should you use a stimulant-based thermogenic supplement or a non-stimulant supplement? That choice is yours, however, do speak to your doctor first. This is especially true if heart issues run in your family. Make sure your heart can stand the added stress first.

What Are the Most Popular Thermogenic Fat Burners for 2020?

Of all the most popular thermogenic fat burners, Tetrogen tops our list.  Tetrogen is an all-natural fat burning weight loss supplement. It helps reduce cravings, keeps you full longer, boosts your metabolism, and helps you sleep. It requires you to take one pill in the morning for day time and a night time pill before bed.

Tetrogen contains ingredients like extract of African Mango, extract of Cissus Quadrangularis, Dichrostachys glomerate (shown to be safe), Capsaicin found in chili peppers, Green tea extract, and melatonin. As you can see from the studies of these ingredients there may be a few minor side effects but those should go away shortly after you begin taking Tetrogen. The side effects if you experience any will be mild.  You can reduce the chances of developing side effects by first eating before taking Tetrogen.

How Tetrogen Works and Helps Burn Fat for Long Term Success

Tetrogen resets the metabolic hormones to help you start burning fat quicker. Your metabolic hormones control cravings, how much you need to eat to feel satiated, and even your metabolism rate.  When out of balance, losing weight and keeping it off is virtually impossible.

But when the metabolic hormones are rebalanced, losing weight becomes easy and painless.  In a double-blind study, those who took Tetrogen themogenic supplement lost on average 24 pounds, had a 20% reduction of body fat, and on average lost 8 inches.  None of the participants in the study engaged in vigorous exercise and there were no dietary restrictions.

Effectively, Tetrogen helps you natually ingest fewer calories while burning more naturally by addressing the underlying problem:  Your metabolic hormones.  This is why Tetrogen is one of the most popular thermogenic fat burners and equally effective. Once rebalanced, you can transition to the 80/20 Rule and still maintain long-term, consistent weight loss.

Use 80/20 Rule for Long-Term, Realistic Weight Loss

The 80/20 Rule is extremely simple with Tetrogen. Eat healthy 80% of the time and the other 20% of the time eat what you love. You have to make sure that it is only 20% of the time though.  The beauty of this is that you will not have to give up anything completely and that keeps you from falling off your eating plan. By allowing yourself the things you love 20% of the time you never have to worry that you will eventually pig out on one thing and go completely off the rails.

Boost your activity level and you will see the fat melt away. Need some ideas on how to get a little extra activity throughout your day? Take the stairs, not the elevator, park farther away from the store entrance, return the cart in the store instead of the cart corral, and fold laundry standing up. If you have a routine going on already but seem to be stuck try high intensity interval training.

For best results in burning fat, you really want to build muscle.  Weight lifting, even using dumbbells, is key.  This will help build muscle which increases your metabolism rate.  Muscle cells burn more calories at rest than fat cells.  So the more muscle you have, the greater your overall metabolism rate.  Jumping rope can also build muscles in your legs as well.  So, you don’t need expensive equipment or a gym membership to quickly build muscle and increase your metabolism rate naturally.


So, are you ready for a new you in 2020?

Remember, thermogenic fat burners that help rebalance your metabolic hormones the best for long-term, sustained weight loss.  Once your metabolic hormones are rebalanced, cravings disappear.  Plus, your portion sizes gradually and naturally reduce as you need to eat less to feel satiated.  Lastly, you will have more energy for anaerobic exercise to build muscle and increase metabolism rate naturally.

You can do this, it just takes simple but effective adjustments to create a caloric intake and finally burn that fat away!




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