Running or even brisk walks are relatively low impact forms of aerobic exercise that can help you burn fat much faster than dieting alone.

best diet for fat loss is not keto
Keto is the latest fad but it isn’t the best diet for fat loss and can even be dangerous.

Keto is Not What It Seems

Despite the hype, Keto is not the best diet for fat loss.  The basic idea behind Keto is to cut down and carbs and load up on protein.  Further, by cutting down on carbs and restricting calories, you induce ketosis.

Ketosis occurs when your body doesn’t have enough carbs to burn for energy.  As a result, the body burns fat instead producing ketones that are used for fuel.  But can you lose weight consistently and safely with the Keto diet?

Health Risks of Keto Diet

One health risk associated with the Keto Diet is ketoacidosis.  This occurs when you build up an unsafe level of acid in your blood caused by too many ketones.

In addition to ketoacidosis, many experience a wide range of side effects the first week or two on the Keto Diet.  According to WebMD, here are some side effects to watch out for:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Irritability
  • Constipation
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Nausea
  • Stomachache
  • Dizziness
  • Sugar cravings
  • Cramps
  • Sore muscles

Lastly, many people take weight loss supplements or fat burners to “speed up” the fat loss while on the Keto Diet.  As a result, they often take diet supplements made with dangerous stimulants that can aggravate side effects.

Keto is Not the Best Diet for Fat Loss

In fact, it never addresses the underlying problem:  Your metabolic hormones.  These vital hormones control cravings, how much you need to eat to feel full, metabolism, and even if your body uses food for energy or stores it for fat.  Further, when they are out of balance they prevent any diet from working past a few weeks.

While Keto can help you burn fat for a few weeks, your body will then go into “Survival Mode” and slow down the metabolism to conserve energy.  But if your metabolic hormones are in balance, you don’t need to starve yourself and your body never needs to slow the metabolism.  In fact, the metabolism will naturally increase once your metabolic hormones are rebalanced.

Tetrogen is Formulated to Rebalance Your Metabolic Hormones

Tetrogen is made with 4 clinically proven and patented ingredients designed to rebalance Leptin and Cortisol levels.  In addition, the 4 active ingredients also help your body burn more fat starting on Day 1 by inducing thermogenesis.  This means that your body uses fat stores to generate heat but without unnaturally stimulating your metabolism.

In addition, Tetrogen offers 24/7 weight loss support.  Tetrogen Night helps you get a good night’s sleep because it is formulated with Melatonin.  Getting enough sleep is vital to keeping your Cortisol levels in balance (which control cravings and how much you need to eat to feel satiated).

Lastly, Tetrogen is launching Community 80/20 to provide additional support like healthy low-carb recipes, wellness tips, and much more!  With the 80/20 Rule, you can maintain consistent long term weight loss and finally become the healthier, happier, and thinner you.




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