Beware bold, unsubstantiated claims on any weight loss supplement.

What to Know If This is Your First Time Taking a Fat Burner

If this is your first time taking a fat burner, you may be wondering what to expect and how exactly it works. Maybe you are trying to decide if taking a fat burner is worth it. Let’s look at fat burners, what they are, what they do, and what are the benefits.What are fat burners?

What exactly are fat burners and how do they work? Fat burners are a supplement made to help your body burn its fat more efficiently and quicker. They also help with weight loss.  However, burning fat and losing weight are not always the same thing.

Fat burners work in a variety of ways.  Some fat burners help you “uncouple”. Uncoupling creates heat inside a cell to burn fat. Others work by enhancing the body’s metabolism so that it burns fat quicker and more efficiently.  Also, some supposedly makes it so that your cells discharge more fatty acids and others work on influencing the enzymes in your body that regulate your fat loss and gain.

The benefits of burning fat

What are the benefits of burning fat? Beyond looking good there are some significant heath benefits to eliminating fat.

  • Proper blood pressure so you are at reduced risk of heart attack or stroke.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels.  In turn, this lowers the risk of becoming diabetic and for those who, are helps prevent diabetic issues such as neuropathy.
  • Less wear and tear on your joints.
  • Better mobility.
  • Improved cholesterol levels.
  • Reduced chance of heart disease.
  • Decreased risk of certain cancers.

Each of these benefits may not sound like much by themselves but as a whole, they provide a healthier, happier you.  One that will have better mobility and balance as you age.  Plus, with reduced risk of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even certain cancers, your long term health improves.

What to look for in a fat burning weight loss supplement

When it comes to choosing the best fat burning supplements, you need to look at several things.

First, look for all natural ingredients.   Ingredients like capsaicin found in hot peppers, or extracts from plants like African Mango.  Also, you want ingredients that are organically sourced.

Second, have there been any scientific/medical studies done with humans? How many humans were in the studies? What are the results of these studies? While studies are not “the be all end all” of supplements, those with studies allow you to form an informed decision.

Third, what are the side effects if any? Are they serious or mild side effects and can you live with those side effects? If the product is going to give you digestive issues like heartburn and diarrhea you probably do not want to take it unless you stay home all the time. The same can be said of anxiety, jitters, or other side effects that impair your mood or judgment.

Fourth, how much do you need to take each day? Some supplements may require you to take 3 before each meal, while others may only require one in the morning and once at night. Generally speaking, the lower-priced supplements are not nearly as effective as those you pay a bit more for. That does not mean you have to purchase the highest priced supplement on the market to get the best results.

If this is your first time taking a fat burner, these simple tips can help you find the right one.   One other thing to think about here is how long do you have to keep taking these supplements and can you afford to do so? What happens when you stop taking them? A little research and common sense can help you burn fat quicker and build stronger muscles.

Look for Fat Burners that Target Metabolic Hormones

If this is your first time taking a fat burner, you need to find one that will address the underlying problem.  Namely, your metabolic hormones.  These vital hormones control metabolism, energy levels, cravings, and even how much we eat to feel full.

As we age, metabolic hormones become unbalanced.  Plus, unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits exacerbate the imbalance.   The longer the metabolic hormones remain unbalanced, the harder it becomes to fix them.   Until rebalanced, your metabolic hormones actually prevent long term weight loss.  This is precisely why no diet or exercise program has ever worked for you.

If This is Your First Time Taking a Fat Burner, Try Tetrogen

Tetrogen Day and Night contain 4 active ingredients to help rebalance your metabolic hormones.  Plus, they provide 24-hour weight loss support and start burning fat on day 1.  However, they also fix the underlying problem so you lose fat naturally and safely for long term success.

Here’s how you know Tetrogen is working:

Cravings Naturally Reduce (can take a few weeks)

Energy Levels Increase

Eat Less to Feel Satiated

Unfortunately, rebalancing your metabolic hormones takes time.  It took years for them to become unbalanced so it can take a few weeks to fix them.  Typically, it takes 2-6 weeks for Tetrogen  to fully rebalance the metabolic hormones.  Factors such as prior diet, stress levels, and even menopause can all delay results by a few weeks.  The good news is:  Tetrogen does work.

In fact, it is the only fat burning supplement on the market that provides:

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Day and Night Fat Burning Support

Rebalances Metabolic Hormones

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