Regular exercise like jogging or even brisk walking can help normalize insulin levels within a few weeks.

What is the best time to exercise to lose body fat?

Morning Exercise?

Many people enjoy their early morning jog/run/walk/swim. This is so they can face the day, knowing they have already exercised. Then, feel energized ready to take on what challenges each day may bring. They usually exercise before breakfast and believe that this is the best time for their metabolism to be activated. Usually, this is accompanied by taking fat loss supplements. They also enjoy the freshness of the morning, there are fewer people about and they can start their day with vigor.

Some are even lucky enough to live somewhere where they can enjoy experiencing dawn at the beach, sea or lake, or perhaps in a forest or over a mountain. Others like striding through suburbia, or the city before it wakes to the urgency of the day. What great ways to lose body fat.

Evening Exercise?

However, there are just as many who swear by their after-dinner or before-dinner exercise. It can be very energizing to go straight to the gym or head out for your run, directly after work. You may feel tired and drained from the day’s work. Your regular after-work exercise is just the thing to spark you up for the remainder of the evening. You may feel that it is a great time to burn calories and set up the after-burn to burn fat fast. So that you can enjoy your dinner with a guilt-free glass of wine or a dessert.

Best Time for Fat Burning?

Is there any scientific evidence to support the best time for exercising? Experts generally agree that there is no particular time of day that calories are burned more efficiently, however, there are times when we feel better exercising.

Also, scientists think that exercising in the morning will burn fat more efficiently, making weight loss easier. This is only if the exercise is done on an empty stomach. According to Anthony Hackney, a professor in the department of exercise and sport science at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He said, “in the early morning hours, you have a hormonal profile that would predispose you to the better metabolism of fat.

There is also research that suggests if you exercise in the morning, you will feel less hungry during the day. Therefore be less likely to overeat and therefore gain weight.

Best Time For You?

Nevertheless, the best time to exercise may depend on our own body clocks. Let’s face it, some of us are night owls and some are early birds. Some really have to drag themselves out of bed in the morning and simply cannot function until they’ve had a coffee and a good breakfast. But they are happy to stay up until all hours and never seem to feel tired in the evenings.

Others are bright as a button and always wake early, jumping out of bed ready to face the day. However come nightfall, they’ve crashed out and are fast asleep by 9 pm. Clearly not much is going to change that pattern. So the early birds should exercise early and the night owls should exercise in the evening. Can you see the point here? The best time to exercise is when you can and will do it!

Find a Time and Stick To It!

Finding a suitable time to exercise and sticking to it regularly is just as important as the exercise you choose to do. If you’re a busy mum with a family to take care of as well as work outside the home, you really don’t have much spare time.

You may find that getting up before the family and taking 45 minutes just for yourself is a great way to accomplish a regular exercise routine. It can be a challenge to do this and be free from household family chores and to enjoy the freshness of the morning.

What about if you are a busy dad, with a demanding job? You just might find that hour before dinner is a great way to de-stress. Forget about the cares of the day by exercising, so you are refreshed and ready to spend some time with your family.

Establishing Routines That Work!

People who are not great with establishing routines and sticking to them may find that exercising in the morning is their best bet. It is often the case that if they don’t do it in the morning, the day and evening will pass by. Meaning it is difficult to allocate any time for exercise. It is very difficult to motivate yourself to exercise when you’ve already hit the couch!

It is very useful to find an exercise buddy if you find it difficult to stick to a routine.

Some may be able to find at exercise buddy at work, so are able to use their lunch break to go for a brisk walk or a run. However, if this is the case it is best to eat lunch after the run. The exercise will interfere with digestion and possibly make you feel uncomfortable.

Night Time Workouts

A night time work-out may also have weight-loss and fat-burning advantages. Many believe that working out at night will interfere with their sleep. But providing you don’t try to go to sleep as soon as you get home, and give your body a chance to recover.

There is little evidence to suggest that you will not sleep. In fact, many find that their sleep improves and it has the added bonus of being able to reduce levels of the hormone ghrelin. Ghrelin stimulates hunger. This too can aid weight loss.

Feel free to contact us at Tetrogen if you have any questions about your exercise routine and how to lose body fat. We are here to help you and have amazing resources at our disposal which we would love to share with you.

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