how to lose bottom belly fat naturally

How to Lose Bottom Belly Fat the Right Way

Most people see losing weight and diets entirely wrong.  Many believe that by losing weight, we are “getting healthy”.  In addition, many think that losing pounds or weight means a diet or exercise program works.  Lastly, we believe that in order for a diet to work, it must restrict our caloric intake until we are essentially starvings ourselves thin.

Everything above is completely wrong.  Low-calorie, low fat diets don’t work.  First, the body’s metabolism will slow down to adjust for lower caloric intake.  This sets you up for the great weight loss “yo-yo”.  Basically, by reducing your metabolic rate by starving yourself, it makes it that much easier to gain the weight back.  Dieting the wrong way just slows your metabolism and any weight loss will stall after only a few weeks.

Getting Healthy is Best Way to Burn Belly Fat and Keep It Off

Trying to lose weight the wrong way often leads to sacrificing muscle mass in your legs and butt.  Seriously, you can be “losing weight” on a diet but if that weight loss is in the form of lean muscle mass, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.  Eventually, the loss of muscle means you are burning fewer calories at rest.  So, when your metabolism does slow, the weight will come back on even faster than before!

Getting healthy is how to lose bottom belly fat the right way.  So, you have to make a very conscious decision about how you want to get your energy.

  1. Do you want to get your energy from sugar/carbs or fat?

Getting your energy from carbs/sugar is a big part of why so many struggle with weight.  Using sugar for energy is actually what leads to excess energy being stored as fat.  Plus, it can lead to a host of long term health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

Getting your energy from fats is much cleaner and less dangerous for your long term health.  In fact, it’s the key to losing all the belly fat.

Food is meant to nourish you and supply your energy needs, not get stored as fat.  So if you want to get healthy and see the fat come off naturally and permanently, then you have to rethink what you put in your body and why.

Ultimately, you want to include nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids and healthy fats like fatty acida.

Fat Is Not Your Enemy

Whether you get your energy from sugar or fat determines how you are repairing and feeding your body at the cellular level.  By consuming healthy fats, you are giving your cells the vitamins and minerals that help support healthy metabolic hormone function.  Amino acids, the ones the body needs, are found in fat, not sugar.

Refined sugar kills.  Unfortunately, sugar creeps into almost every food we secretly love.  If not refined sugar, then carbs like white breads, flour (many of favorite fried foods) are proving the body with glucose for fuel.

The Real Enemy is Glucose

If you want to know how to lose bottom belly fat, you have to understand how it got there in the first place.  For generations now, we have been raised to believe that glucose/carbs/sugar is a primary source of energy.

Wrong.  This is a modern phenomenon and so is the level of obesity we are currently seeing in many cultures.  Actually, ketones are the primary sources of energy and the natural by-products of burning fat for energy.  For generations, this is how we survived and why most of our ancestors were relatively skinny for most of their lives.

In fact, the average skinny human being has over 70,000 calories of stored fat.  The same person will have around 1600-1800 calories of stored sugar.  The human body was never designed to store or process large quantities of sugar.

Let’s put this into true perspective:  To be healthy, your body requires about 1 teaspoon of sugar for your entire body.

Do you know how much sugar the average person consumes on any given day?  31 teaspoons of sugar per day–or 31X’s the amount needed to remain healthy.  Too much sugar for a diabetic person leads to artery, vision, kidney and nerve damage.

Making the Switch to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar

Bring down insulin levels, and the body will stop burning sugar for energy.  Instead, it will start burning fat.  So if you want to know how to lose bottom belly fat, learn how to control insulin.

Insulin determines what fuel your body will use for energy.  So, if insulin levels are too high, no fat will be burned.  Instead, the body burns sugar for fuel.  When insulin levels are low, then the body will burn fat exclusively for fuel.

In fact, insulin does six things for your body:

  1.  Allows sugar into cells to be used for energy (or not)
  2. Lowers excess blood sugar levels after eating
  3. Stores sugar in liver and muscles
  4. Converts excess sugar into fat particularly in the abdomen/belly area
  5. Allows proteins/amino acids into the cell
  6. Allows minerals into cells, like potassium

Tetrogen Rebalances Metabolic Hormones For Long Term Weight Loss

The formulators at Tetrogen know how to lose bottom belly fat quickly and naturally.  That is why Tetrogen was formulated to rebalance metabolic hormones, including insulin.  By doing so, your body can naturally transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

It typically takes 2-3 weeks to fully rebalance metabolic hormones and set your body up for long-term weight loss success.  Tetrogen helps you transition from using sugar for energy to using fat instead.  Plus, we offer a host of healthy recipes for high-protein, low-carb meals that are delicious and nutritious.  You can even still eat the foods you love 20% of the time while transitioning to healthier eating the other 80% of the time–while still losing fat.



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